Greasy fingerprints on tinted restuarant windows

What chemical do you recommend to clean greasy fingerprints, lip prints, nose prints and more off tinted windows inside a restuarant?

Chip May

What’s the problem? Is it the tint?

Normally I would just use a brush and put TSP in my water for KFC’s and some other grimy places but if it’s plastic tint I have to use a sponge so I don’t scratch it up.

I’m not sure I understand the question.

Not a problem with the tools that we use. On windows without tint, we use ammonia and it melts the worst of grease and grime. Since ammonia is not really recommended to be used on tint (although 3m faq says you can) what chemical have you found to be best for dissolving the greasy prints on tinted windows, that will not damage the tint? (I edited the question to be more specific)


Will TSP damage the tint?


Zep cuts through the fingerprints like a hot knife through butter. No ammonia either.

When we did storefront we used Titan Green (Simple Green) and it worked great. It also works great to remove nicotine from glass.

Hey there Chip,

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So to answer this question…I use TSP exclusively and I’m always working on tinted windows.

No TSP does not attack tint or affect it in any negative way ! Actually TSP is a #1 degreaser and should have no problem knocking off that scum left by people eating near the window.

Maybe if you wet it then wet the window right next to it then re-wet the first one you wet and scrub really good while #2 is soaking, so on and so forth. You shouldn’t have much of a problem !

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I have had great luck just using gg4

Chip… Titan green is where its at… for your situation.

Thanks for the suggestions.


A few years ago I bought some TSP-PF (Phosphate-free) to clean a house before painting. It is a powder. Will this work?



How much do you use in a bucket or do you mix and put in a spray bottle?


The quart of TG comes concentrated and you fill a spray bottle (there are dilution rates included). I have used 4 ozs of the concentrate in a 3 gallon bucket of my standard solution before when doing the mirrors in a bar on a first clean.

The restuarant that has me raising the question is only done once a month. So would you recommend spraying the tinted windows with TG, letting it soak, and then clean with normal solution?




Hey Chip…Your welcome;

You know I’ve never used the phosphate free stuff, I’ve always used the regular stuff thats always been around.

You know it’s the phosphate that promotes the grease cutting.

I’ve never tried the titan green stuff Chris pointed out so I can’t give you a heads up on it, Chris and Tony have, their some spot on guys !

I really don’t think window cleaners are going to destroy the environment using TSP, phosphate is organic, but phosphate enriched dish soap used by whole cities in there dishwashers can can have an affect.

TSP works great and you’ll only need maybe a large table spoon in 3 gallons of water. So give them both a try.

Good luck Chip, be safe !



I just noticed on the box that it says “NOT RECOMMENDED for use on windows, mirrors, or other glass products.” Does it say the same on what you use? I know that just because something is “not recommended” doesn’t mean it won’t work. Still?? You say you have used it for years with no problems, is it part of your regular mixture or just when you need extra cleaning power?


Dange, my box actually says window cleaning on it. It’s a few years old but man, if it wasn’t so hard on my hands I would have never used anything thing else all these years. I’ll still use it in tough jobs.

It’s like coffee now a days, you buy a cup and it be careful contents can burn you… ridiculous crap that lawyers get put on products. I heard a fat guy in the states actually won a lawsuit against macdonalds for making him Fat, LOL. :GiantRollEyes:! Damn it. Still no giant roll eyes.:mad:

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Hey there Chip,

You know I saw that same warning on a box that I bought and I think they’re just covering their butt for some reason.

Yep, used it EXCLUSIVELY for years and not mixing it with other stuff, there’s no need to… I have used all that other soap, Dawn , Joy, Glass Gleam 3 & 4 but I always come back to TSP.

Why ? Well it’s a great grease cutter and PUTS plenty of slide for your squeegee, knocks off cig smoke beautifully, leaves a beautiful glistening piece of glass ! Of course you need to clean up any wet area left behind and don’t let it set on bare wood that’s unfinished. It don’t leave a film on the glass like other soaps do that you’ve read here on other threads !

I tore off their phone # because I wanted to call them and ask them why they put a warning on their box, but I haven’t done that yet.

There is one building that I’ve cleaned for 30 years and the glass or anodized frame have never been ruin or even showed any signs of it being mess up , not one sign ! A few times I’d got side tracked after wetting a window and forget to squeegee it and came back a few months later and found the dried up soap on the window, scrubbed it up, squeegeed it off and you’d never could tell that I had left it that way for a few months, NO B.S.

Still I’ve never had any physical repercussion from it and my hands are soft,some people when I shake their hands think I don’t work because my hands are so soft !

Now with Mikie his hands dry out and crack more so when he uses TSP as he said in his post. But his hands are real sensitive, ( he’s A Canuck you know ! :stuck_out_tongue: ). Even with any other soap from what I’ve read on some of his other posts…Right MIKIE !

So everyone is different but I’m fairly sure it not like M.E.K. , that when you use that stuff with bare hands it goes straight to your liver or kidney’s and can be very deadly!

At any rate I like it and it works very well for me !

So anyways Chip-ster I hope this info has been good for you , and all your other
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Use gg and magic eraser