Gutter whitening

if youre charging 1.00-2.00 per ft for gutter cleaning (debris), would you charge a similar price for whitening? Weve done a lot of gutter/dwnspout cleaning, and just starting to get more whitening jobs. Interested in pricing on that particular service…possibly selling in a combo price? cleaning and whitening?

I sell whitening for $2-$3 per foot depending on whether it’s one or two stories. If I was doing a combo probably something like $3.50-$4.50 per foot.

me too man,
it’s amazing how you start noticing dirty gutter faces everywhere you go after you know about whitening products like gutter zap

I want to try one of the whitening products, right now i use clorox clean up w/bleach…does a number on your clothes if not careful…but which one -gutt zap or F13 and why? Thanks

It’s an easy choice for me since I get my supplies from WCR and they carry Gutter Zap.:wink:

Tony- can you spray it on and use a rag to wipe? that how i usu. do it or does it require scrubbing? (gutt zap) how many jobs does that container do for you

A gallon of F-13 goes much much further than a gallon of Gutter Zap. They both work well on gutters though. But you’ll end up paying more in shipping cost in the long run for Gutter Zap.

Use a truck wash brush on an extension pole and go about 50/50 mix of gutter zap and water in a pump sprayer. Wet down the gutters and areas surrounding them as gutter zap can harm some surfaces but won’t if you have everything nice and wet. Apply by spraying onto the clean brush end and not directly on gutters. Some gutters are dirtier and have deeper black streaks than others so just scrub with the brush and then rinse with the garden hose with a nozzle on it. You shouldn’t need a ladder for this process. Clean gutters in about 3-6 foot sections and rinse them rather quickly. The most important piece of this process is to protect the areas below the gutters by keeping them wet. Don’t let the solution dry on a surface on a hot day.

I’ve attached a pic of us cleaning one gutter with gutter zap. (In the pic, notice how wet the gutter is everywhere) I buy by the 5 gallon bucket (currently about 80 bones) and it will last the whole year for the most part. Using the pump sprayer with a 50/50 mix it goes a long way. You’ll recover the 80 bucks on the first job. It’s a great add on that is catching on.

When I’m power washing and/or gutter whitening I wear Dickie’s brand pants and shirt that are stain resistant. My housewash which contains 3 gallons of bleach in a 5 gallon container mixed with water, Simple cherry, Dawn, and F-13 doesn’t bleach out or stain the Dickie’s clothing.

I have however ruined a few of my company hats that couldn’t stand up to the bleach in the mix. I try to remember to put on an already bleached out hat but sometimes forget.

I wear the kahki colored Dickie’s clothing.

I’m looking for a kahki colored stain resistant hat to wear while powerwashing/gutter whitening.

if i want to use a ladder and use gutt zap or f13, would i still apply w/brush and not directly to gutters, right? some of our gutt jobs are very high and not sure if we’d be able to apply enuff pressure to scrub w/ brush on ext pole… or does the solution work that well that it doesnt require a lot of pressure?

I use my ettore 30 foot pole so most I can reach. But yes, if you have to. Still apply the chemical on the ground. BTW, make sure you are wetting ANY area where you putting chemical. Whether on the ground or on the home. It’s just good practice. Problem with applying directly is it will enevitiably fly onto the windows or siding on a windy day or even when it is not that windy. Just makes sense to err on the side of caution. Gutter Zap or F-13 both can almost always be used from the ground if you have enough pole to reach the gutter. With the proper brush and pole you can apply enough pressure for sure.

Thanks Dwight, I think I will try one of the products, (not sure which one yet tho) and try it with a brush and pole…I’ll let you know how it goes…

I haven’t used Gutter Zap but F-13 Gutter Grenade is wipe on/ rinse off.
I’ll bet that Gutter Zap is, too.

Hey Dwight,

What kind of pump sprayer are you using? Can you post a pic/link?


If you’re using a truck brush on an extension pole then all you need is a 32 oz. pump spray bottle and keep it in a bottle holster on a belt. Spray your gutter cleaner directly onto the brush and eliminate waste.

You already have to drag a garden hose and the extension pole around the house so the pump spray bottle on a belt saves you the need for a third arm.

DUH! So simple. LOL don’t know why but I was thinking of some more complicated.


Good day , Do you find that Gutter Zap lifts away the paint revealing the thin silver metal base of the gutter system ?

Sometimes that will happen for sure!

I use an RL Flo-Master Clorox Bleach model 1201CX (VITON® seals?) purchased at Home Depot in the Lawn and Garden section real cheap-like.

Now this is what I was thinking. Dumb question but how do you use one of these things? (I’m just picturing myself standing there with my procurve pole, soft siding/truck cleaning brush, hose for pre-soaking and rinsing and then a sprayer of some sort to apply chemical to brush) I don’t want to lug around too much around the house. I’m seriously thinking of picking one up soon if it’s worth it. (usefulness/convenient)