Hardness of Rubber

What are some strengths and weakness of hard medium and soft rubbers? I have only used the soft unger. Will hard last longer, but not clean as easily?

When its really hott out we use the hard rubbers because the soft rubbers get too soft when its really hot.

hard rubber for sunny soCal.

I use Ettore for most of the year. In the hotter months from June thru the middle of September I use Slayer rubber and Mrs Squeegee uses Wagtail. If it’s not 80+F the hard rubber can chatter on me.

Which Ettore rubber is the hard rubber??

From my tests I have found that Ettore slightly out performs over Unger and Pulex in mild to cold temperatures.
<a href=“http://shopwindowcleaner.com/window-cleaning-tools/replacement-rubber/ettore-rubber/ettore-master-rubber-12-pack-18.html?SID=decc016fdaa7b29ace2f0db0e3f02ca7&a_aid=wcskills&a_bid=8c734101” target=“_top”><img src=“http://www.shopwindowcleaner.com/affiliate/accounts/default1/banners/ettore rubber-16.jpg” alt=“” title=“” /></a><img style=“border:0” src=“http://www.shopwindowcleaner.com/affiliate/scripts/imp.php?a_aid=wcskills&a_bid=8c734101” width=“1” height=“1” alt=“” />

But Unger works equally well right out of the package, I just find the ends wear a little faster from fanning technique.
<a href=“http://shopwindowcleaner.com/window-cleaning-tools/replacement-rubber/unger-rubber/unger-ergotec-soft-rubber-12-pack-18.html?SID=decc016fdaa7b29ace2f0db0e3f02ca7&a_aid=wcskills&a_bid=392fc281” target=“_top”><img src=“http://www.shopwindowcleaner.com/affiliate/accounts/default1/banners/unger replacement rubber-16.jpg” alt=“” title=“” /></a><img style=“border:0” src=“http://www.shopwindowcleaner.com/affiliate/scripts/imp.php?a_aid=wcskills&a_bid=392fc281” width=“1” height=“1” alt=“” />

But for the hot weather, nothing beats Wagtail (only comes in hard) rubber. Performs well and lasts for days on end.
<a href=“http://shopwindowcleaner.com/window-cleaning-tools/replacement-rubber/wagtail-rubber/wagtail-rubber-12-pack-18.html?a_aid=wcskills&a_bid=e8298d55” target=“_top”><img src=“http://www.shopwindowcleaner.com/affiliate/accounts/default1/banners/wagtail-rubber-12-pack.jpg” alt=“” title=“” width=“220” height=“220” /></a><img style=“border:0” src=“http://www.shopwindowcleaner.com/affiliate/scripts/imp.php?a_aid=wcskills&a_bid=e8298d55” width=“1” height=“1” alt=“” />

My review on Ettore vrs Unger

//youtu.be/Rubber Review Unger VS Ettore - YouTube

My review on wagtail rubber.

//youtu.be/Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner 29 Wagtail Rubber - YouTube

I’ve never seen more than one compound for Ettore.

Unger hard can be frustrating rubber to use.

In my experience Pulex hard works best for hard water areas, which is almost everywhere.

What explanation can you offer?

Rubber. Interesting topic. I was having similar questions. Bought a Ninja a while back. Wasn’t happy. I felt this should work a lot better. This old 18" brass unger seems to work much better. It never dawned on me until one day I was looking thru the posts and found out there were different hardness types. I found the old rubber and there was written soft. The old brass unger was hard and the ninja came with soft. That explained why the old one worked better. Guess time to buy some new rubber. From what I gather, Ettore Master (?) and Wagtail has the best. I just wish we were able to try before you buy. Either 3 meters or 12 strips plus shipping adds up. If you don’t like it you are stuck with it since you spent $50. Guess sometimes you have to bite the bullet. I’m leaning towards Wagtail rubber. Is it all 6 and 1/2 dozen the other?

Rubbers are like whiskey. Everybody has their own tastes and some will never be happy, period.

My suggestion is to buy 36" lengths of several brands/types and cut them to length. Try them out till you find what you like. Then offer the others for sale here on the forums- every type of rubber has its devotees, so you’ll find a buyer.

Trying new things and spending money to find what works best is part of business.

If you are using an old beat up rubber you aren’t getting good results and you’re wasting time and money being unproductive. The money one piece of rubber makes you is crazy compared to the cost.

Your so right! And that goes for everything soap, Rubbers, handles, channels ect. I have triedat them all till I found what’s best for me. It is part of being in business .

Whoops sorry Alex kind of mimic what you said. Didn’t see it.

I don’t know about selling your left over stuff on here though. Let me know though I have a smorgasbord in my garage.

Whatcha got? I’ll take ettore rubber off your hands all day.

I’m OC with my rubbers. I buy them all factory cut to size, The only ones I cut are for my 6" Squeegee . The only rubbers I use are Ettore and Sorbo.

dude, you’re getting ripped off! you can cut 36" rubbers to the precise size you need easily.

break it down- 6" ettore rubbers, 12 qty= 22.4 cents/inch… 36" ettore rubbers, 12 qty= 14.3 cents/inch

even with 5% waste you come out way ahead.

… hope my math is right…:eek:

I think you meant “can cut”

John K Wyatt
All Washed Up Window Cleaning

Thanks. Makes sense plus I like to tinker with things. Now, I need to find channel by the foot so I can make 4’ and 5’ blades. All I need is 1 good pull and voila. Window done. I know of 36" ones. Obviously there are good reasons for not making larger. Maybe will need to make an “off the wall” tool group for all the zany ideas folks had or did over the years. Food for thought.
Like the by the foot vs the 12 pack option

Yea, like what do you use to hold the cloth on the pole when your detailing with a pole?

I don’t know about getting ripped off . Spending money foolishly maybe. One Rubber makes me a lot of money. If I had a lot of guys working for me then I would be cutting some rubbers down, Because when its not your money you tend to switch out that rubber a little quicker than you have to. So until then its factory cut for me dude!