Has anyone done a homemade soft wash system and chemicals?

I’ve been looking into soft washing for roofs mostly and I feel like these soft wash systems are way over priced for what they consist of.

I thought they were over priced to But by the time you put one together like the bandit your not much cheaper and I like the fact if I have a problem I just get ahold of them to get the part not running around Home Depot but if you are on a budget buy a good electric pump a flo jet accumulator 150 feet of hose a 65 gallon tank and a few trips to home depot

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I have a 40 gallon tank and a 3.8 GPM pump. 200+ ft of hose, a spray wand, and a bunch of quick connects.

Now what do I do?


What’s the 40 gallon tank for on. 3.8 gpm

Get a five gallon bucket and downstream from there you don’t need a buffer tank on a 3.8 gpm

I just bought an Xjet m5 can I get similar results with this?

I’m guessing for roof mix?

Can’t x jet a roof

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From what I’ve heard there is a “gang” of franchises that use only x-jets on roofs.

At approx what GPM would you need a buffer tank?

When your pump draws faster than the water supply usually at 5.5 gpm

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Is their anything else that would to a good job cleaning a roof?

Buying a fabricated softwash system is worth every penny. 12.5% SH will eat up whatever you try to through together on your own. I had a friend of mine tell me the other day that all the screws and bolts he used on his homemade system rusted out the first month and his setup fell apart in the back of his truck. he just ordered the new maverick system from powerwash.com

No. #1 you are using a pressure washer with an X-Jet which is a huge No No on a roof. #2 carrying an 5 gallon bucket and an XJet up a ladder and on a roof just doesnt make sense. We use 80 gallons of Roof Mix on an average 3000 sq ft home. If you did that with an X Jet that would be sixteen 5 gallon buckets of mix you would have to have prepared and be taking up an down a ladder.
Me imagining using an X Jet on roofs will a steep pitch just gives me chills… You also cant control your stream with an X Jet as well as a softwash kit because an X Jet mists all over the place and I just see dead plants everywhere :frowning:

Softwashing is the only recommended roof cleaning method by ARMA

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Thanks a ton Kyle if I already have a few 250 gal drums. How would that work with one of the pump kits from pressuretek.com I’ve also looked at the cold system from power wash.com

this is the kit I was looking at using to build my own setup.

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The pump is 60psi and 5.3gpm

Bob has everything you need plus the best service in the industry, heck, best service in any industry

So pressure tek?

yes, pressure tek

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Thanks a ton. Do you use soft wash more than your pressure washer?