Heated gloves

Has anyone ever tried heated gloves like these or something similar. There a little on the pricey side , so want to get some opinions before pulling the trigger.

Got cold in New York today egh Mike :slight_smile:

Looking into getting something like this so following.

Ya Chris it’s getting there Man !!:cold_face: It wasnt to bad this morning low 40s. I can work with no gloves in the 40s , but my older brother who works with me can’t handle it. He needs gloves in the 50s. He just told he he don’t think he could do winters anymore becisse of his hands. I mentioned heated gloves ,an he says “well what were you waiting for.“ “ I just enjoyed watching you suffer for the last 5 years.” Haaaaaa!!!
So I was thinking heated gloves
I just found these. Prob going to pull the trigger
.Just going to wait, an see if any one has any input
These look good , only concern is can they handle the water. Obviously you wouldn’t dunk your hands in the bucket or even wring out your strip washer

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The Japanese have Yutanpo - metal hot water bottles with a special bag. I have one and they are warm midnight to noon.

They make mini Yutanpo for your pockets and Yutanpo shoes.

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We don’t use electric gloves, but with our regular gloves we wear Venom Steel - 6m nitrile gloves over them to keep everything dry. Extremely durable.

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Good idea with the Nitro lites. I’ll try that. That will be good for me, but not for someone who needs gloves when it’s 50 degrees out. :woozy_face:

We layer them; so the warm gloves on first and then the Venom Steel OVER the warm gloves so they stay dry.:ok_hand:t2:


What size Nitro lite are you using. I’m assuming XXL

We use the XL and old school jersey gloves, but if your going with a thicker interior glove I’d see about finding some XXL. Also, nitrile stretches better when warm, so I’d recommend layering them in the truck or before you leave the office/home.

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I order these, so I’ll let you know if they’re worthy :+1:

Thanks Mike! I am about to have to clean below freezing for the first time this year here in SC and this Florida boy isn’t looking forward to it…mostly because I had to do it last year. Still a million times better than and office!

I agree a million times better than an office. I wouldn’t last in an office like setting.
I hate working in extreme weather. Hot or cold, an everyone is different. What’s hot to me would be chilly to you.
I can deal with 20s as long as there isn’t a wind chill factor. That’s what gets ya
I look at extreme weather this way. Your Vehicle is right there. it’s not like your stranded in the wilderness .
I’ve herd people say you shouldn’t take an air conditioning break. Lmmfao … ok that might be fine for them , but not for me
I was doing a house on a Saturday that I was considering postponing, but it was a 700 plus job , an he needed it done that day or it was a losss. It was going it be the hottest day of the year so far. 100 degrees. Hazy hot an humid
I almost canceled, an said screw it ,But I didn’t . I took about 5 breaks in my van maybe more. It took longer than what it should of , but so what
Even in the 90s I’ll take AC breaks cool down then get back at it.
I do the same for the winter. We’re lucky ! construction guys who work out there aren’t aloud these liberties.
Extreme weather sux, an it sux more if there’s no escape. So it’s easier to leave when you know if it gets to hard jump in the truck.

Wind chill is the big one! I don’t have heat in my current van…but getting in does help on a windy day. I also have water drums that act like heaters as I keep a heater in my van overnight and that helps throughout the day. I would take extreme heat anyday! I can work in 100 degrees, sometimes with a few more breaks, but cool is what I’m literally afraid of. I am getting better since moving up from FL in 2012. 3rd year in of WC and it gets better every winter.

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I guess it got cold on the other side of the City too, huh?

I may need to order some for Las Vegas. We were 75 degrees today and my helper did not come out of his hoodie and extra sweater all day.

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Yes !! uncommonly very cold today. It’s in the

20s but going up to the 30s by the afternoon.

Great idea ! Can’t believe I didn’t think of this :joy:

image image

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How much did the glove over glove method work Mike? I might try this first.

It works great. It won’t keep your hands warmer , but it will keep the water away from the glove
I love the glacier gloves the biggest problem with them is they rip. Then you have to glue them. It’s a PIA. These nitrolite gloves are the answer to that.
I’m not sold on these heated gloves yet at least the ones I bought. The sizing is way off. Bought the large cause that was the measurement I csme up with the way the show you. Way to right !! So sent those back an now got the XL those are still a little snug.
I was testing them out last night. Inside the house through. I felt a little warmth on high setting , but not enough were j was like I have to go lower .
There are 4 settings., so man I don’t know :man_shrugging:t2:

I gave them to my brother this morning . He’s inside a Dealershio now doing the insides, so I’ll see how they go. Won’t know for a while , because weather is warming up.