Hello Beginner Here! Lots of questions, thanks in advance for your answers

Hello again! I’m posting today because I want to ask a few questions. By the way thank you in advance for even reading this post and giving your expert opinion. I’ll start by saying a bit about myself so you guys get an idea of who I am and what I would like to do.

My name is Austin. I just recently decided I wanted to get into the window cleaning business. I’ve found a window cleaning job since then which was about 1 month ago. I do highrise window cleaning for a company out here in Florida. The experience is great and I don’t regret any minute spent on the job. Don’t plan on quitting unless I find a better job to support my family. In the meantime I want to start up my own business. Since then i’ve bought window cleaning equipment. i’m working on a website, business cards, door flyers, and looking to get insurance.

I would like to know what is my next step after all is completed above?

As a beginner where should I invest most of my time in the beginning? Commercial, Residential?

Is there a script that you guys came up for to sale to future customers?

What should be my 1 year focus? Are there any specific goals I should set for myself? Obviously I want the most business as possible but what would be a good year for a beginner to know he’s going in the right direction?

What type of ladder who you suggest for someone starting off in a four door sedan?

Little stores and restaurants in strip malls, are those easy business? I walk past them everyday to see if the window are clean. They never are and I just can’t wait to offer my services. If so, what would be something good to say to them?

Also if there are any tips!! Please throw them in this post I would love to hear everything. A wise man on the forums told me to ask a lot of questions so I will and then when I learned i’ll pass it on!!


We have lots of answers, thanks in advance for your questions.


I have cleaned for 47 years and did mainly commercial for 40 years. I started all over again 7 years ago at 57 and find the most money is in homes. Go for the one floor homes . I bid $100 for every 1,000 square feet which give’s me a ball- park figured. I also water fed all outsides so my time is much shorter. This last week in two homes one small for $250 took 3 hours and one for $975 took 10 man hours ` also go to a builder and offer a discount price for free window cleaning for the home- owner when the buy a home. You provide a discount price to the builder 40% off and you get the job the nex time at your charged your normal price. Put a 90 day time limit on it.

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To many questions for one post. :smiley:

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Really? I thought the copy and paste method would of been great here, obviously I thought wrong. No worries I have most of the answers from the two threads Jared posted.

Ya. Based on past experience I think you’ll get a better response from the group with one question at a time to focus on. Just trying to be helpful. :grinning:


Jared posted a couple great links. The are many more out there, the search function is a great option.


Hey Phil: A different world than commercial work, eh. Nice gig

  1. you will get more responses with less questions

  2. Stay here, use the search function, but depending upon which topic you are researching keep in mind things change quickly.

  3. Goals? Only you know what type of life you want/need.

  4. Rome was not built in a day, you have more work and decisions ahead of you than you can imagine. So think long term. Make your decisions long term. Yes, huge pet peeve of mine. Wish clients never had my cell phone number.

  5. End of the day year it comes down to survival and sales. You could spend the next 12 months sitting at home writing the most amazing business plan, building your website, watching every webinar, building the best rig set up; you can have all that but without sales you’re dead.

  6. So sell all day and night but be thinking constantly.


Sorry, just re-read your op for the 3rd time.

What’s next?
Have you filed with the state? Name and type of business (sole prop or LLC)
insurance, I won’t live without

So you got gear, website, cards. 1 month of practice correct?

Keep practicing. Do your home, then your in-laws then the old ladies home. People will see you, people will talk.

I do not know Florida. Can’t speak to the seasons.

Route work: less pay, “easy”, more sellable than a resi focused company. Know one who spent 3 years busting his butt to build 3 days of solid route.

Resi: peaks and valley’s, but higher dollars.

I will end with this as I have sent you a pm. You are now a salesmen, everywhere you go you are working whether you want to or not. In one year I pulled over 20k in new business from a dog park.


I have clean this home for 6 years 1,000,000 for this room alone and the art is over 250,000 too


How in the blazes do you clean all those weird shapes? Fairly new to this gig myself and haven’t come across any odd shaped windows yet.

I did a live clip on how I do them on face book under Phillip Alexander they had clear tint so I used spray away on the inside and wfp on the outside.

PolznBladz would use his Excelerator on a pole … easy peasy :sunglasses:


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