Help with my car situation!

Hi Everyone,
I’m getting into window cleaning and the only thing I have been struggling with has been my car situation. I’m in a situation where I can only have one car and it can’t be a truck. I need the regular 4 door car for family and friends, and a truck just doesn’t work for me. I know a truck would be easiest for window cleaning, but does anyone have experience using something else other than a truck or van? I have a jeep grand cherokee which I think would work. I would love some feedback about how you guys would set it up to keep the inside protected and functional.

You are just going to have to know your limits. You could get a roof rack to put a ladder or two, but you won’t be able to safety carry a 28-32’ extension ladder.

If you want to become serious you will have to purchase a pickup or van. Do a few jobs then get one on Craigslist for $1000 or less.

Also, what are customers thoughts to not driving a “typical” window cleaning truck or van? Is it view as less professional? Also, does the inside get smelly from scrubbers and tools?

You can run a window cleaning business from any vehicle.
Heck there are people who do it from bicycles.


I drive a 2000 Subaru Forester. Everything I need fits inside the car, including a 17’ Werner Multi (Little Giant knock-off) ladder. I can easily strap a 24’ ext ladder to the roof rack. Your current vehicle should be fine as you get your venture started.

I started out in one like this, used it for about a year:

And yes I had a 24’ ladder strapped to the top when needed (mine had a luggage rack on the roof). Kept everything in buckets in the back with the rear seats folded down and had to remove everything when not working.

Then I picked up a 92 Ford Aerostar van for $800 and moved everything out of the Volvo.

Jeep Cherokee…plenty of room for starting out…Get a ladder rack for the top and some storage bins to keep organized and make it easier to empty it all out if needed for family. There are several folks here who started out with smaller cars…

It’s not the type of vehicle that matters, it’s the appearance of it. Like how you dress. I would rather drive a car (that of course fit all I needed) that was clean, good paint, not leaking, with vinyl or even wrapped rather than a “typical” WC truck/van that was dented, dirty, no lettering, and maybe missing a bumper. Image speaks volumes.


This is true. I kept my Volvo looking sharp and actually got a lot of compliments on it because it was different.

Plus one on image. I get a lot of compliments on our xB. And it’s an incredibly versatile and capable work truck. I have no problem carrying a 28’ extension along with several other ladders.

You need a vehicle that…

1.) Can carry the equipment you need to work
2.) Is clean
3.) Will not leave you walking

Does not matter if it’s new or old, a truck or a bicycle. As long as those three boxes are checked you’re golden.


lots have done it, do it, did it and many more will.

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I started with a friend-gifted Subaru Impreza with a thule rack and a 3 fly 24’ werner and 4’ step ladder. The car died, so I bought a 1988 22r toyota pickup for $1000 that is treating me well. I don’t believe in image with regard to work trucks. I’ve had 2 brand new tacomas, and a bmw m3, and don’t like the people I attract with new shiny crap.

I present myself well and do quality work. I think that’s far more important than driving a shiny vehicle. Nothing wrong with nice trucks; just saying…

Cherokee is fine. Roof rack, plastic milk crates or Walmart storage ones, folding ladders, assorted tools and such. I’m the same way. I can only swing the one vehicle right now and it serves everything from working, to camping, to mountain bike getaways, to date night - so after work I remove everything and get it set for what awaits next.
I built a platform thing for the back of my 2003 Chevy Astro Van to keep folding ladders underneath and everything else on top. The roof rack holds my 24’ and 28’ ladders. Vehicle magnets go on the doors and I’m good to go. Use what you have and switch it out for the use you need.


I have one of those ladder on the bottom *right of pic…Thats things a beast, i hate the added weight of the stabilizer bar at the bottom, lugging it around is a pain. I keep it in the storage unit as much as possible! :confounded:

Edit: * “right” should be “left”

^^^ is that better @Garry :wink:

You mean on the left; your other right. :wink: Yea, it is a beast, but comes in handy many a time. I can fit the scaffolding ladder, a 6’ A-frame, and a step stool under there.

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Ya what ever…you get my point! :wink:

Nice setup by the way!

Still hate that ladder though! :sunglasses:

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HAHAHA. What can I say, I’m a word man and stay true to my Virgo sign…LOL

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That reminds me, I need to wash and wax the van this weekend. Make it look worthy of driving up to million dollar homes. :wink: