Generally I use traditional and water fed methods, but on occasion I’ll use my lint free detailing towels to clean a French door hear and there, especially when they have the faux panes that aren’t removable.

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Thanks for your reply my business is just strictly hand washed and dried with towels. I am looking for tips from hand washing pro’s in the field. Again thanks for your reply/comment.

I have never heard of anyone on here using towels only except for perhaps really tiny cut-ups.
Can you describe your process? What kind of solution do you use?

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I’m watching this.


I know some maids that use towels and produce garbage results

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same here. u used them on tiny cut ups and go damp towel, dry towel and then microfiber. it takes longer and when done on larger panes leaves undesirable results for professionals but many homeowners are content.

No such thing.

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I would absolutely love to see your website.

Using only towels is not a very efficient or productive way to clean windows. Perhaps if you are just cleaning a couple of windows but it would still be an ineffective way to clean windows. I cannot imagine cleaning even a ranch style 1 story home with 20 plus windows and 4 to 6 sliding glass doors with towels only.
Can you please explain your process, cleaning solution, tools, and time frame involved?

Thanks Dan for the response I don’t have a website yet. I’ve been working for someone else for 4 years and just starting my own business now… :blush:

did the person(s) you worked for before do the hand wash and towel dry method?

Yes they did. They taught me the method! :call_me_hand:

I use the “traditional” method with no and squeegee. can you upload a video or reference a good video of the technique on YouTube? I searched but couldn’t find anything.

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This was the closest thing I could find to towel cleaning windows.
Perhaps the OP can enlighten us on this new method?
3 towel window cleaning

Ignore your previously taught method… listen to these guys with a ‘new’ method… and then take your previous teachers customers.

The above only SOUNDS abrasive. But you were being taught was makes us all lesser as farms standards go.

I don’t mind fair competition, but I don’t like half assed.

And that’s what you were taught, sorry.

*far, not “farms. Lol

For some reason, My posts are kind of hidden, so I type with no edit.
Example/screenshot coming

Esentially the same we have a way we wipe the window which is a little more proficient! We also use a more powerful window cleaner… I have 3 different methods to clean with. Depending on the needs of the window. In other words how dirty, water stained or if it’s been under new construction? The owner that I work with has 28 years of experience so I’ve basically just downloaded all of his information.
It’s in my head and because of that there are three different window services I can offer to a client.

Depending on the windows and the severity of the abuse the windows have received I will quote the job accordingly… :slight_smile:

Ok. So you aren’t going to take our advice.
Since none of us clean with towels.

  • good to know.