Home made screen washer

Just finished building a home made screen washer, all told, about $90


Looks good I’d look to add more water

the flow is adjustable, if it turns out to not be enough i’ll drill out the holes

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You’re being facetious, right? That looks like a ton of flow to me. Pressure may be a bit on the low side, maybe…

I don’t think you can ever have enough

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i haven’t had the chance to try it out at a real job yet, i finished it last night, but it seemed fine when i cleaned one of my screens last night, i think that i will fill the bottom 6 inches with sand or something though to stableize it a bit

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Kudo’s to the dyi’ers.

however the cost of $50 does not includes your time, gas etc.

Would love an update in 2-3 years. Willing to bet we are still using our paid for unit and that you’ve repaired yours many times.

Either way, time is money and beyond valuable.

Hey there, Debbie downer :yum:

While I agree with some of your sentiments (time is our most valuable asset), a lot of guys have more time than money during this part of year. And they (we) enjoy the process of tinkering and creating something from nothing. It’s a creative outlet, and a learning experience.

I’ve certainly ‘wasted’ a lot of time on diy’ing stuff, from a strictly economic/productivity point of view. But I don’t see it as being a waste, because of the joy and experience gained from much of it. And I think I’ve usually been able to find a reasonable balance of when to diy, and when to get the ‘real thing’.

Just my $.02 :smirk:


your 2 cents with some insults. Cool

To those who can diy great for you. Tinker away.

however often on here people moan about the new comers, the bucket bobs, the start ups. Why cause they are cheap, less expensive. Then “they say” well they get what they pay for.

Same here.

Dude Dave, not Debbie Downer

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what’s your problem? why do you have a chip on your shoulder? instead of plopping down $400 bucks without knowing if i would like a screen washer I set out to make my own. if it lasts me 6 months to a year it will make me back 50 x what it cost me.

once i know it works after i try it out this week, we can spray paint it and make it look all spiffy. but even if we didn’t my customers don’t inspect my squeegees to see what brand they are or if their new or old, they’re not gonna care what my screen washer looks like, they probably won’t even notice, what they will notice is that their screens are super clean.

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no chip, just an angel on my shoulder

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spray paint it to look fancy?


I think the idea is brilliant. I had been designing a pvc work easel for screens so I could scrub and hose them at torso level instead of flat on the driveway. This blows my easel idea out of the water. (almost a pun?) Ignore the naysayers. Some of us have budgets and spare time to get creative. Nothing wrong with that. Thank you for sharing your design with the community!

Sorry, dude Dave. No insults intended- it was really meant in good fun. I see where you’re coming from. And these days I am inclined to purchase something professionally built, especially if I know I’m not capable of matching the build quality myself in a reasonable amount of time.

I guess I was just sympathizing a bit with @leavingnc. Dude’s proud of what he built, as he should be :sunglasses:

Save yourself some trouble on building an easel:


Edit: just realized you were talking about washing screens. Durrr… Yeah, this could work. But it’s awesome for storm windows :smile:

The sand will definitely help you out but you’re going to want to screw a drop cloth or plastic sheet near where you’re going to stand. One of the big draw backs of the horizontal washer is getting soaked.

I built my vertical washer originally out of pvc. It was more of a proof of concept: vertical brushes, H base, 2" pvc. I used a union so I could remove the base from the brush section.

It lasted one residential season and then I had one welded up with aluminum. PVC just isn’t durable. There are things you could do to make it more durable like add some triangle brackets in the corners.

Good job and enjoy!