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So as I am building this Free lead service thing here, I was thinking about incorporating 1 forum for homeowners. I’m not totally sure what its full purpose would be as the idea isn’t fully evolved yet. But I guess im kinda thinking it would be a place if a homeowner has a question about what to look for when hireing a window cleaner. Or just any genral priceing questions they may have.

This 1 little section of the forum would be totally unlocked so a homeowner looking for a window cleaner wouldnt have to register they could just ask a quick question. I would never want them to register.

So what do you guys think? Its really your decision, and as I said it will be tied into the lead service.

I like the idea for 2 reasons. First, it is unique. No other forum, or association for that matter, does this. I guarantee when they see it they will copy it. And second, it can open the door to a new form of advertising for the members here. Great idea Chris! Way to think outside the box!

Well I have been getting contacted by homeowners looking for window cleaners in there area… SO I figured this would be a good idea to parlay it into more work for everyone.

This reminds me that I need to sign up for the WCR lead service asap. I think the homeowners forum is a great idea.

If they wander over into any of the regular forums they will see the talk about quality, safety, and honesty that will assure them this is the place to look for a professional service provider.

Tie it in somehow with your leads page?

yeah thats gonna be the plan

I think this would be a good idea! However, I don’t think they should be able to paruse the other parts of the forum … just the homeowner section if that could be regulated somehow.

sounds like a good idea to me…

I agree with this. I would prefer the homeowners only have access to the homeowner’s forum. But of course they could register and visit other parts of the forum just like us window cleaners do. I don’t guess there’s any way around that.

I agree, but how does Chris stop them from (fully) registering after viewing the Homeowner section?

Oops! Redundant post (I didn’t read further down.)

Hopefully they will not wander too far, they may come across a heated debate/discussion on how “pros” disagree on soap, technique, appearance, tools, marketing tactics, what to say when we answer the phone, what we say to not-so-nice customers, poop and an endless supply of topics best left unknown.

Forums are looked at closely by corporations hiring new employees these days. That is why we must be careful attaching our names to our comments if we get into battles or make questionable statements.

Just think what would happen if a bunch of possible marketing clients came on this site to find out about me or Kevin and discovered that horrid verbal assault we had on each other a while back. Think they will pick sides? They would go running. Unlike people on this forum, they have no affinity with us.

oh, to answer Chris’s poll

I love the idea of a page where customers can find a window cleaner. I think there should be nothing linking them into the forum. I think it would be very cool if they could click on a window cleaner in their area and get a little bio and maybe a rating system put in place (with comments)

Yeah what he said.

I dont think there should be a section. As stated already if they want they can sign up here and read. Besides how many referals did one get from national? 1 or 2 per month if we were lucky. If you do go ahead with this, make sure you put up a good disclaimer that you are not affiliated with any company here other then your own. I think most people should be searching their phone books, and the internet. If they can’t find one in their local area on a google search then something is wrong. In areas where window cleaning companys have not worked to get their websites listed, the person will most likely have the option to go with a service magic site as they list on most 1st pages. If you do go ahead with it. It will be interesting to see when a potential customer finds a cleaner here and is not happy with the service. Surely they will come back and voice their opinon. It would be interesting to see how other companys respond to such a post.

yeah, Juggs is right. Let’s not get 1 or 2 [B]free[/B] leads a month, what a waste of… ummm… er… Well I don’t know, just don’t do it! :rolleyes:

For pitty sake, do not try to make a better referral page than the great one over at the NWCD. I just don’t believe it can be done.

One more thing, it is also possible we may hear back from people that thought the window cleaner did a great job. Think a little more positive

Well the point I was making about that. Is everytime I got contacted regarding a referal from nwcd. I never got anything but a waste of my time from those price shoppers. Most of the time it was never worth the effort. But hey it won’t hurt, put it up.

CFP I also wanted to tell you that I’m sorry to hear about your family issues recently. Hope all is getting back to normal…

thanks brother

I have faith that Chris will have a product that competes with ServiceMagic (SM), rather than NWCD.

So, if one feels that a potential customer will chose SM, then the decision to support Chris should be easy.

Chris has shown excellent results in everything he attempts (that geeky stormtrooper thing notwithstanding.)