Honest opinion about name and logo

So I finally saved up a decent amount of money to go ahead and really focus on starting a business. I know I have touched on this subject in the past, but now it is time. I have had a lot of names come into my head but this one has been the catchiest one to me. The name is A Pane In The Frame, I did think of a pane in the glass but quickly found out they were taken. My logo would just simply came with the design of the man. I will Have my contact info to the side or something but it just won’t fit all together. It may just be that spent so long to make this simple but not so simple design but I kind of like it and just want some feedback. I have a 77’ f150 it will be going on for now so comments on how to utilize it would be greatly appreciated.

think it sounds good. I havent seen any other companies with that name. Thats a feat in itself now a days.

Get yourself a decent ladder rack, Get your truck lettered. A toolbox would be helpful.

I like the name, but the logo is very confusing to read.

[U]I like[/U] the name, but I fear it’s like an inside joke that only window cleaners would understand.
Or a vinyl window installation company.

I like the name, but I’m afraid that your signage will get overlooked, as it looks very similar to the signs on road construction trucks. It would be a cool idea for a business card, though.

It’s confusing. When I think of frames, I think of pictures not windows. Do you have any other names your thinking of?

if you have some coin to drop, anya over at ambidextrous services does some good work. they designed mine

I had the same feeling in the sign as well but figured if I gave it to somebody who knew how to actually design something it may come out good. As for the name to me I think the name could be something completely off topic or just completely dumb and most wouldn’t care or just never think about it as long as the service is there, I do know that when driving down the road if the name doesn’t appeal to me I look the other way, that’s why I chose something funky.

With the sign the reason why I made it look like a construction sign is because I see this type of character in all signs whether it’s a caution wet or a men at work. have thought about Acropolis Window Cleaning since I’m Greek and here in Florida there are a lot of Greeks, the other one my girlfriend came up with All About Windows but I thought I’m not all about windows so I didn’t think much on that.

I would suggest not overthinking it too much. Clearwater Exterior Cleaning or Clearwater Window Cleaning? Clearwater Cleaning Services?

I second this. I remember we went out of our mind trying to think of a name. We ended up settling on something pretty awkward. What do people remember? My name, the fact that we clean windows, and our number. Maybe not the best branding, but people remember us. Never the business name though. So keep it simple.

PS: we’re simplifying our name this month

When the idea originally came to my head that i wanted to start this business I thought about using the Nick’s window cleaning or the Clearwater window cleaning but it seems like there are to many fly by nights and people will think the same. Maybe I am trying to hard with a name but like tjgibson8 said they don’t remember their name which to me doesn’t sound ideal.

I was just talking with my girlfriend and she came up with γιαγιάs window cleaning. That is Greek for grandmother which is pulling not only my background into it but it brings I guess would be a “Family” type business since it is named from my grandmother.

How would you google that? :wink:

with all due respect, your customers do not care about your grandmother, your family or your heritage, they only care about getting their property clean (windows, PWing or whatever you are washing). Try to focus your name around what your customers are looking for in combination with whatever you are selling and the area you live in.

Clearwater Window Cleaning & Power Washing

Add a professional logo from Anya or Keith @ KBK (I use both) and you will be heading in a good direction

[SIZE=3][FONT=century gothic][SIZE=2]You could actually do well with the Greek thing because people would remember it. I would stay away from the Greek Gods names though because they are overused (Atlas, Midas, Pandora, Ajax, Delphi, Olympus, Orion, etc…). However you could potentially market the whole greek angle with the blue and white flag theme and other Greek nuances. Even if people didn’t exactly remember your company name they would probably tell someone “It was something with Greek in it.”

Anyway, good luck and here is a good article with some helpful guidelines.[/SIZE]

[/FONT][/SIZE][SIZE=2][FONT=century gothic]8 Mistakes To Avoid When Naming Your Business[/FONT][/SIZE][SIZE=2][FONT=century gothic][/FONT][/SIZE]

Jc is right on. Its great for SEO. If someone does a search for window cleaning in Clearwater your gonna rocket to the top of the list. Although the Greek thing might interest some, it might also turn some others off. A neutral name would prob be best

its tempting to create a clever name.Sometimes you give your biz a funny name. Dont do it.
Never choose a name that describes something everyone expects from your service.The name will be generic, forgettable and meaningless…
Selling The Invisible- Harry Beckwith

Clearwater cleaning systems

You might want to edit these for you own logo. Just an idea

Here’s a couple of ideas