House Call Pro - New Thread

The buzz was hot earlier this year.

Are people still using it? What do you think about it?

Whats good whats bad?

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I have been using it and I like it.

There are some service overlaps from other WC Software Vendors we find here in WCR, so may make picking and choosing a little difficult.

I mainly use for Storefront commercial work.

Do not like the invoices sent to the customer. Nor do I like the estimates… There is no way to really spruce it up either.

Kind of stuck with that… If I could take my own graphics and create my own template… That would be much better…

Other than that… I get compliments on it. Also, using for route work, you can take cards right there without having to plugin a swiper… Kinda cool… I lose those square things… I don’t like them. Their merchant service offering is through Stripe. Which is GREAT for recurring autopay but I am not sure if they offer that through the APP.

Once your account is set up though… You can put your monthly routes on autodebit… Just saying. No billing issues. No waiting to get paid… blah blah blah… That can’t be done through HCP. Would have to code into your website if you have the knowledge.

I personally don’t need the Postcard Marketing and Email follow up they have because I have seperate programs for that…

Responsibid does my email follow up, but really… Get into any CRM and create workflow rules and you can have that inclusive of your CRM… But… It takes a lot of learning curve. I kind of use Responsibid like a Resi CRM.

Housecall pro a Commercial CRM.

Really inconvenient. I created a really bad ass CRM for an insurance brokerage client with multiple agencies across the USA. Maybe one day I can invest the time and attention into creating the perfect CRM…

Or… .I could just go get Infusionsoft or Zoho and be done with it.



I really like it. I’m using it as my only CRM. I do have Responsibid installed on my site but I rarely get anyone to use it and I feel that HouseCall can provide almost as much data tracking with the tags feature as RB.

I also like the “sequences”-like features. I use it to remind residential clients of their appointment the day before and commercial clients get a 1 week and 3 day notice that we’re coming just so that they will know to tell me if they are planning on being closed that day with no interior access.
I also automatically send out Thank You cards after each service. It’s so nice having this automatically tied to actually finishing a job.

The text alerts when we’re headed to residential clients has been a huge customer satisfaction point. It creates superior client relationships. It’s really good for giving them a reassuring notice when we’re running a little late. I’ve had compliments and online reviews from many clients mentioning the “great communication” that we offer.

The CC rates are also unbeatable and having the online pay portal tied directly to a customer invoice is so convenient. I do look forward to the add on of a tipping feature for CC payments. It’s caused us to lose out on a few extra $ cause a client couldn’t figure tip easily online.

I may switch over to QB Online this next year and then will be able to tie into HouseCall directly. Right now I still don’t know what I’m going to do for transferring the data for end of year bookkeeping.

There’s still a few issues that I think they’re working on that I really don’t like: I wish they’d give the option to sync your customer DB with Google Contacts or have offline access cause many times I don’t have data reception when I’m headed to or at a client’s site and there’s no way to look contact info. There’s also no automatic way to do monthly combined service billing for my commercial accounts. Each service is a separate invoice so I’m creating an extra combined invoice manually at the end of each month. But I’ve mentioned these things to the developers and they assure me they’re working towards it.

Overall an awesome experience and I can’t see myself going anywhere else for CRM for the foreseeable future.


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Just visit us here: Book a Demo with Housecall Pro or call us at 858-345-9675

Then we can do a live 1:1 walkthrough so you see how it works!


hands down best thing out there.

Responsibid has no mobile app sorry a mobile website isn’t the same and in many ways its clunky and a tad over engineered. But I use it as my website salesman and it makes me good money nothing compares to it in that regard.

But everything else is HouseCall email follow up, postcard thank you’s and reminders that actually get mailed out unlike some other postcard services…

I know guys get fussy but unless you build something and spend the money there will always be something that doesn’t exactly fit what you want.

The calendar has improved greatly and they implement suggestions that makes sense

best part clients LOVE it and thats good enough for me


I have a demo account with them and logged in the other day. I was very impressed with it. Lots of iteration and change.

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So far using HCP has hands down been the best decision that made in regards to making my company run more efficiently and I’m not using all the features that are available yet! I can’t say enough good things about House Call Pro!


I wish the standard window cleaning invoice option wasn’t “window washing”.

I simply cannot make the word washing fit my brand… Stupid sounding I know…

I signed up for the HCP pro account but really… It does what Send Jim does, plus has the email follow ups…

So… If you have Send Jim. You don’t need HCP unless you are wanting the email follow ups, but if you have Responsibid, you don’t need HCP paid version. You would be fine with the free version. Also the creator is still monetizing off the CC merchant service points being shaved, so they don’t really care.

Yes… They need the population of the APP itself to be populated. If you are looking at the app as a bonus marketing tool… No new customer is going to find you through that app for at least 3 years.

They are relying on your customers to sign up for the app users to get more customers for you. But if every window cleaner is the only one who can be seen in that area… You have zero benefit. That aspect of the marketing they do is a little gimmicky to me… Just my two cents.

Don’t sell me an App… Sell me on the CRM functionality.

I do really really like the time stamps on job start and compete times. If I am doing route work and have to send an invoice. I have documentation of when the job was completed. Also notes, pics, etc.

For scaling your business, if I had to pick between functionality and so one… and I was only using stuff advertised on this forum… I would use Responsibid and HCP.

I have another postcard service I use that has AWESOME handwriting technology so all my postcards actually look hand written.

Also, I can target specific neighborhoods. Upload my list for that particular message. Do the creative online and send… Way cheaper than the Send Out Cards re-brand kind of thing I keep seeing on WCR.

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Not sure what you mean by the invoice option being “window washing” - everything is editable to your liking. Happy to help you, just talk to our support team in the chat bubble! :thumbsup:

Also, depending on your city many Pros are getting job requests! (not 3 years :joy:) Remember HCP is built for all home service verticals, so the more there are in other non-competitive verticals the better for everyone!

We’re building HCP to be all-in-one, and as automatic as possible. Once you setup emailing/postcard automation, then you’ll never have to touch it again. All you need to do is jobs and we take care of the rest :smile:

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You guys got rid of the “Powered By Housecall” banner at the bottom of invoices…?

Even the emailed ones.

I wish you guys would have let me know that.
(it took me watching Nico’s video to ‘catch it myself.’)
I sent myself an invoice and printed one to double check.
I’m ECSTATIC!! :grinning:

Incidentally, I’m messing around with it again, as we speak.

The text messages are great, and I love the time window option.

  • but the idea of a non text accepting number unless "you subscribe to our product"
    is a little sketchy.

I worked around using a generic “Our Crew” instead of a single name, because I’m not always going to be there…
Maybe I should change the name to “Do not reply to this message: Our Crew” “will be coming to you house,” etc…

Again, you guys are NOT going to be the next Angie’s List, (no matter what you tell your investors.)
But you guys are heading in the right direction as a goto CRM.

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Keep this up, and I will renew.

THIS is why I went with you guys… the direction you were HEADING.

Keep it up!

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Unfortunately there is no easier way to do it. There is no subscription that homeowners need to have. They can just text or call you normally.

It’s the same with the Dentist office software. When I get those automated texts I don’t try to have a conversation with the bot, I just call the office :joy:

You don’t need to use “Our Crew”, because if you have multiple employees it will say their name/foreman’s name.

If they reply to the text (which happens, but very rarely) - it replies automatically letting them know the message was not received and that it’s not textable.

Hope that helps!

Semantics, but… what it says is

"This number is unable to receive texts.
Download our app ‘HouseCall’ to message your service pro directly"

And I’m sticking with “Our Crew” because it works, thought I wish it said “from” instead of “Of.”

I’m back on the fence with you guys, which is an improvement from ‘Paperweight’ status.
But I’m definitely not ready to add a second user,yet.

I like where things are headed, and when it’s all said and done…
You guys might just say “that difficult bastard turned into a great customer.” :grinning:

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The “we are on our way” texts are the best thing about the app!
“Job Scheduled”
“On Our Way”
“Job Done- now pay us”

All done with a click of a button.
Very cool!

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For every one customer who doesn’t like the the text reminder 99 won’t care I aim to please the 99. Out of several hundred customers who have been housecalled not one complaint so maybe it’s 1 out of 500 who don’t like it.

People love when service providers keep in touch we all hate the 4 hour cable company service window


I’m with Brian… I think it’s a plus not a minus.

i agree they shoudl have an option to turn the time stamps off im using it and other then that i think its pretty awsome what is the name of the postcard service you are using if you dont mind me asking ?