How busy are you guys right now?

Just wondering if business died off for you or you guys still have work at this time?

I did two services this week so far not window cleaning related but just wondering if it’s just me that doesn’t have a lot of work right now.

Does it usually pick a bit up around September / October ?

August/September is always super slow for me. This one is no different. Traditionally the first week of October my calendar fills up again. With any luck that happens sooner this year. :wink:


Normally slow from 2nd week of July on but it stayed busy until August! Now I’m in a 6-7 week slump.

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As the 2x a year customers get on the schedule then?

That’s what I’m looking forward to, I have a handful of customers that will be 2x a year.

Or so they say lol

I’m still 3 weeks out. I’m scared to even re-engage my client list, let alone advertise.


2nd half of August is “take your time off” time. Always slow. This particular week is always the slowest of the season, and Henri didn’t help.

We are booked til late September aside from that.


Starts to slowly pick up after Labor Day , but I already have lots of clients booking for November

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From now until Christmas will be my busiest time, good ole southern hemisphere, Jan, Feb are my quiet times.

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Me and a helper 5-6 days a week since late March, mid - late July 4-5 days a week, early-mid August vacation, then it builds to mid September and back to 5-6 days a week until just before X-mas when it begins to taper down again.


Mid August to mid September are always slow for me here in Alaska. Then I get busy until mid to late October.

Been about 1 -2 residential jobs a week for me. Today I had one and it was a old house with tons of french panes ( 200+) I did ins/outs and screens. I bring lots of cold fluids to drink cause it was about 100F outside today… I’ll be glad when it cools down some.

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I’ve been scheduled thru mid September 99% repeat/referrals, so Im lucky as shit!!!

My website was basically erased overnight back in February due to Adobe Flash’s death.
And when things started to heat up, the phone rang nonstop. Thank goodness for my customers who like me so much!!


Sorry, I guess I didnt quite answer the question… I DO see a lighter load coming, after Labor Day.
(per normal)

We expect it to slow in October, but pickup in November. Maybe December too. Last year was slammed in November. We presently are busy with clients that just purchased their home (second home too). We did over $5k in screen repairs alone in the last quarter!

i stay busy from March - November usually. Sometimes , like now I slow down a bit in September, but it works out fine. I still earn more than enough to pay bills etc etc.

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I’m glad you had those Frenchie’s and I did not! My big French PAIN client comes up in October. they also have 475 pella windows. it’s a hectic 2 days.


I have a pretty ez one tomorrow that hopefully won’t run me too long. The glass didn’t look near as bad as mondays job.

slammed again!!! :grinning: :slightly_smiling_face: :neutral_face: :expressionless: :no_mouth: :unamused: :sleepy:
It is a mixed bag of emotions right now.

Yep, seems the fall rush got off to a late start this year.

Thats not just me either. A lot of guys I talk to from all over the country are saying the same thing.

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August was real slow, September’s picked up a bit for me