How can you profitably market your WFP method?

Fact: WFP systems can help [I]you[/I] increase your profitability, in many cases.

But how does it help the [I]consumer[/I]?

[B]How can/do you effectively market your WFP method?[/B]

I have some ideas, but I wanted to hear what you had to say first.

I use the fact that the windows will stay clean longer since there is no residue left on the window. I also highly promote the fact that I can clean the windows (up to 4 stories in our case) from the ground which keeps us safer.


Why is you being safer a benefit to them?

In my area people worry about you getting hurt on their property and suing them even if you have insurance. So the safety aspect is a great comfort to them. I’ve had several people tell me they chose us w/ a higher price because we wouldn’t be using ladders.


That’s the kind of stuff I NEVER see on the websites of the guys that use WFP’s all day long.

Okay, any other benefits for the consumer?

I run into a lot of worry wort home owner clients. I think by letting them know “we” the service provider, is taking precaution for our safety gives the home owner piece of mind. I think customers can really respect that in a company.

I don’t think I will market it. I tried a pitch on a few people because I was excited about it, didn’t help me any. One guy thought I was talking about a windex mop with a squeeze handle. What if you brag up your technique and then have to go traditional anyway? I’ll just stick with what I used to do, Professional Cleaning with lots of experience and clean each window on a case to case basis, the easiest way possible.

I might change my mind again though, I want to have my website up by the 1st of Sept., use fliers to sell etc. I’m really just brain storming still.

What pitch did you use, if you don’t mind me asking?

Well it’s regular customer of mine. I do the windows, the snow and the lawn. This spring he told me to wait on the windows because he was having soil spread over the grass. I just asked him if he wanted his windows cleaned now and that I just bought some new equipment (it didn’t actually arrive yet), It’s a new window cleaning technique that uses water fed poles and pure water etc. It may not be an actually pitch (i’m not much of a salesman) more of a conversation.

But around here “pole work” usually means crap, half assed, window cleaning at least in residential cleaning. But most non window cleaners shouldn’t be aware of that.

Okay, cool, thanks for your honesty.

Do you think that maybe if you had focused a little more attention on the benefits to the client that it would have gone over better?

It sounds too, like it was bad timing for him, with the landscaping thing going on.

Yeah, it could have been much smoother. I’m a little rusty and plus it’s brand new. During the spring when I put out lots of flyers for spring clean up, power raking, and aeration, my phone is off the hook and I got my groove, but now almost nobody phones me because it’s sheduled weekly. If they phone it’s usually to complain,:smiley:

Yup, I understand. It’s hard to fake confidence, and it requires the phone to ring to flow freely.

Hey Kevin,
as you probably know, we use water fed poles a lot. Here’s a list of benefits I’ve included on my website (along with pictures) and given to customers where I know we’ll likely utilize wfp’s:

Benefits of our Pure Water Fed Pole System

Sparkling Clean Windows offers yet another first in the advancement of window cleaning into the 21st century. This system takes ordinary city, irrigation or well water and purifies it so that it’s 99.9% pure with no minerals or total dissolved solids – which is what makes water spot. When used with our advanced water fed poles, your windows will dry without spots or streaks - with no need for soap or squeegees.

(Green Technology) – Environmentally, nothing is safer than pure water. It reduces/eliminates the need for harsh soaps, chemicals, ladders, lifts and roof access. With this new system I personally guarantee that we can meet almost any of your outside window washing needs (up to 5 stories), and give you as good or better results as conventional poles or squeegee wash. You will not believe the results of this new technique until you see them for yourself. I also would be happy to give you a free demo! Whether we use squeegees or our water fed pole, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Safer Work Areas - Our new system offers access to glass up to an amazing 60 feet (5 stories) without the use of ladders or lifts. The lack of ladders or lifts in high traffic areas decreases the chances of overhead hazards from dropped tools. It also eliminates chances for damage to landscaping from the use of lifts.
Cleaner Glass and Frames - Using our system leaves a shine on the glass and frames without the use of chemicals. (Green Technology). The pure water “attracts” the dirt and grime and lifts it from almost any surface.
Less inconvenience/more privacy to you and your occupants - It also allows for fast results with minimal inconvenience to you or your tenants/guests. This 21st century technology allows for quicker access and cleans windows faster. It can also clean through screens (however, for best results, it’s recommended that screens are removed prior to cleaning).
Can also be used to remove cobwebs/debris around windows and other exterior surfaces.

Hey Tony,
How does you being SAFE benefit the customer?

Good question Mike. If someone fell on your property would it worry you? Would you wonder whether their insurance would cover it or would they come after you. By eliminating as much ladder work as possible I’m helping to ease their mind in that area. I have had several people ask if I had to use a ladder. In fact many even say they got tilt in windows so when they had them cleaned no one would have to get on a ladder.

Hey Tony,
Take a look at my avatar. I’m old school. Raised in the 1950’s before safety was such a big concern.

Personally, I think if I fall off my ladder it’s my fault for not being careful and it’s not the customer’s problem. Well actually it is a problem for them because they’ll have to find a new window cleaner to finish the job.

I guess times are changing and I like your post. Thanks for your insight.

It may not be their fault, but I think most people would be uncomfortable with the idea that someone had died out on the back patio of their home.

Eliminating the use of ladders, therefore, is a benefit to the homeowners becauses it reduces the possibillity that they might have to sell the home to get away from the memory of seeing your broken, bleeding, and lifeless body lying next to their kid’s sand turtle.

Randy, I think you might be on to something with that comment. I see the stirrings of a pretty powerful marketing design.

And Klovansky! That’s cool.

I like the last paragraph the most, because its very specific about the ways the client benefits. That is so important, and a great example of how to emphasize the client-side benefits of WFP.

Isn’t it 20th century technology, Jason?

Even though we are insured IF something bad was to happen with one of our ladders, whether it damages some of their property or one of us falls off of it, I would think it would still be a major hassle for the homeowner. Say a fluke deal happens and the ladder falls into there nice glass top patio table, shattering it. Well sure we will replace it but there is still going to be a headache to go with it. Luckly I have never had to have any type of claim but I would have to guess that with the way insurance companies are these days they would want some form of statement from the homeowner as well. Different type of insurance but my son fell and hit is head in my sister in laws basement a couple years back and my health insurance company actually sent out forms and called to see where he fell at and all of the circumstances around it. On the form it asked for the insurance information of the homeowners of the home that he had fell at. I told them it happened in our own basement because I felt like thats what I pay for my health insurance for. I don’t think these insurance companies are going to want to pay anything without at least a statement from the homeowner.