How did you get your first job?

  • Flyer
  • Referall
  • Phone book

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None of the above. Google

List of customers from the company I had worked for.

Cold Calling.

I was young and needed the money.


Offered window cleaning to a carpet cleaning customer, where I worked previously

My Neighborhor was the first
That led to 4 referrals that’s while I was still employed
My first customer with my business came from a flyer that led to 5 referrals

i said flyer because i think thats how we got our first non storefront, non friend/family, customer, we went out knocking on doors and leaving business cards

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Cold call on Storefronts are how I have gotten all my jobs so far.

lot boy at Taco Bell-Real estate guy saw me cleaning the windows and asked if I could clean some apartments that he was selling. That was 1983-haven’t looked back!


Another WC I was working for said that a certain plaza didn’t have a window cleaner, and I landed 3 accounts in that center in a day.

My wonderful fiancée went house-to-house and scheduled our first residential Job 3 months before we got married.

Our first commercial job was my insurance agent the day I took out a policy.


Went out canvassing handing out business cards. Started with a monthly $15.00 storefront. My first house was a regular customer that used to frequent the restaurant that I worked in, we got to talking one day and got into the subject that I was starting my own company and she hired me on the spot been working for her ever since.


Bought an existing business.

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Cold call, cold call, and more cold call.

Insurance provider called me a couple of days after I got the policy. At first I thought she wanted more details about the policy so I immediately told her I don’t work on ladders or scaffolding, as per the policy.

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My guess is that a client saw someone working for a company that appealed to them and requested their information.

So many WC’rs have the gear to do this on their own. It’s almost easier. Well, shit… it’s far from easier. February, and my first winter on glass. It’s like an old school roller coaster.

This is how we got out first job which was a referral.
We had been talking to an owner of a local janitorial company about possibly starting up a window cleaning company and getting his thoughts on our idea. I wasnt too serious about window cleaning at the time, it was just an idea. Then about a month later he calls me up to see if I was still interested cause he had a construction cleanup that needed window cleaning. Without looking at the building I said sure. I showed up on day 1, never cleaned a window in my life or held a squeegee. We bought some Ettore Squeegees at the hardware store and spent 4 days cleaning this building. I think I charged $600.00.

Fast Forward…
3 years later they called us wanting the windows cleaned again… We spent 3 hours, and I charged $900.00 LOL.


Wow great story Kyle…I passed out cards and got 1 flower shop for $50 and another accounting office for $50. They took me 2 hrs to complete and I would normally work for 8 hrs at my part-time construction job to make that. Flower shop closed down but still doing the accounting office 7 yrs later and it takes about 30-40 min now.

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I got my first job from flyers I made up on my computer and printed them out (full color), and left them on doorsteps. After several jobs I got a door hanger template from a local printer and designed my own door hangers that I sent out for them to professionally print with cutout for door knobs. I often get comments that I was called because of the look of my door hangers. I still use door hangers today and get referrals or Angies List customers.

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