How is your workload?

I know a lot of us had early starts to our window cleaning season… How is it going today though?

Have you slowed down considerably?

How is your August compared to last August?

This August has been much better than last year. We have planned a couple large commercial jobs for August and it has helped curb the drop.

Slowed down a bit but much, much busier than last August with the resi work. August is usually a bit of a break for us until we start up a few 10k$ plus commercial window/soft wash projects in September and October. Last August we went down to 4 days a week and this year we have had to go 5 with the avg job being up about 40% per.

Pretty much dead even with Aug 2011, as of this moment. So, we will be up for the month when all is said and done.

We topped 2011 annual gross about two weeks ago.
With 4 months left… things look good. :slight_smile:

We had a record smashing July. August has slowed down as it typically does on the resi side. Time to catch our breath and prepare for a great fall season.

I landed a $7,500.00 glazing & window cleaning job. Starting it Tuesday & will take 8 days to complete. Three walls will be done using a 60’ articulate. The other wall has power lines in the way. I’ll chair that wall. Busy times!

A little slow before school starts. Should pick back up soon. July felt like it was 2007

Hey Chris,

I am glad you asked because it made me take a look. We are up 70% Aug 1 to Aug 19 over last year. I am surprised. I did not think this was the case. I looked at what is scheduled and with that we are about even (Aug 1 to Aug 31). We have the last week in Aug completely blank, but I have 4 bids making decisions and 5 to do so far this week. It looks like we will be up for the month when it’s all done.

Hey Chris, how was the Let’s make a deal campaign? Was it successful? Did it help for August?

This is my first August in business and it has been soooooo slow! The phone has just started ringing again. This week is full already so I am excited about that. Monday I have my biggest residential job yet, $611!

just came off a brutal May/June/July worked 82days of that 3 month run. taking it slow this week my brain is fried and i need to catch up with life stuff. Aug is pretty steady normally Sept slows a bit then back at it for Oct hard core. I used this time when i first started to brainstorm and plan.

It’s defiantly slowed down in August, but it still has been the best August yet.

I think, before I actually compare, that I’m a little slower than last August. I’m not getting lots of calls and have resorted to doing some of my own calling (novel idea!!). When things slow a little it gives me the opportunity to prioritize my work force and see how they do without me on occasion.

I should surpass last years gross in about a month, but more importantly is your net growing? The past few years I have learned that since I cannot control my customers I am more careful how I spend my money.

Both are up for us. But I spent a TON of money this spring. It was burning a whole in my pocket. It was all on work gear, but I’ll be more concervative next year.

Up about 250% over last year! (which is also about the yearly pace we’re at)

We are up significantly over last year but July was down. August has been steady. Booked out about 2 weeks right now. We have the capacity to do more but backing off a little and waiting for the real push which is right around the corner. Its the perfect time of year to change some procedures to ensure we are prepared and run a very efficient fall season. It also helps evaluate all of our employees for the upcoming season. I have all crew members running paperwork right now to see who is eager to move up when the fall comes. Our crew will double in the fall so making adjustments and evaluating everything and everyone is very important this time of year.

It slowed down a bit went from 5 jobs a day to about three but doing ok gearing up for fall

We’ve been steady, but August is usually a pretty busy month. Next month can vary, but we have a nuclear power plant, and a new hospital coming up. Looks steady till December, as of right now.

kinda busy now, Can’t stay & talk. Gotta get to work. Busy, Busy, Busy. Say “HI” to the family for me. LATER!!! HEY WE SHOULD MEET UP FOR A BEER SOON! BYEEEEEE

I actually got to clean a school teacher’s house last Wednesday, then her brother’s house yesterday ( all french panes uggh!). He is going to refer me to a friend of his…keep them referrals coming.