How long does it take you to clean 30 windows?

So I was wondering how long it takes ya’ll to clean 30 windows inside/out two(2) stories as well as clean screens and tracks with:

one(1) man crew:
two(2) man crew:
three(3)-five(5) man crews:

Do most of you clean the screens with Soap and Water and then rinse?


There are too many factors involved, so no one answer will be dead on.
Window style, how dirty they are, access even weather are things to consider.

If you’re just starting out don’t worry excessively about being fast, try to do it right the first time and practice will make you faster.

regular double hung windows 2 story
1 man=2 to 3 hours
2 man=1.5 to 2 hours

I has a house yesterday that had 16 dh and a few doors. It took 2 of us 3.5hrs.:mad:. The screens were a nightmare! They has the screens made by some guy that really had no clue on what he was doing so they fit WAY to tight. It took eveything to get them out! The customer told us that she wanted the screens taking out and cleaned or I would have just folded the windows in. She told me that her husband made the money she just spent it so bill me for the extra time. After that I had no problem fighting the screens. :smiley:

1-man crew
2.5 hours & $250.00

thats without a wfp. all by hand baby.

$250.00 thats it? WoW you want to come work for me? I will give you $250.00 for 30 windows. I will keep the $160.00.:smiley:

thats it my friend. what do you guys charge for 30-windows?

I am on the high side of prices in my area.

Thats right about where I am for 30 DH in Colorado. I am high (in price) for my area too.

what is that guy talking about then?? thats like $100.00 per hour

WOW!!! That’s awesome that you are getting over $13.00 per window. In March I was offering 30 windows for $199.00 NOt even worth my time but had to do what I could for teh business. I am now up to $249.00 for the same and waiting for the calls to come in still.

its around 8 or 9 per window

My lowest price to very long-time, 100% reliable, twice a year customers is $8/DH. I think there’s only one left at that price. My lowest new customer price is $10 and I’ve done up to $15 for distant work.
Just today I bid casements at $7.50 each for a new customer over an hour away.

thats awesome, i need to move to the east coast, all of these penny pinchers in so cal.

Im not sure about your area but I know that here 199.00 for 20 windows is a pretty good deal. That includes the whole window and the screens (Dry brush). I have been told that im too high though. I just want to work less and make more verses working more and making less so I keep my prices where I can achieve that goal. Someone on here said dont be scared of the word NO and I have kept that in the front of my mind every since. I don’t get every job I bid but the ones I do get are pretty good.

Dejay, I’ve adopted that attitude as well. I still hate it when I don’t get the job, but love it when the next person doesn’t bat an eye at my quote.

Cleaned 37 dble hungs, (8) 2nd floor arches (1) foyer window (4) casements (2) patio doors (43) screens on friday by myself. WFP the outside. Whole job took 7 hours. Price $696.00 not including tax.
I scrub the hell out of everything. If I have to spend 2 or 3 minutes to get the frames and tracks pristene then thats what I do. When I do work like that for jobs like that, it’s almost always a repeat customer every 6 months.

If I had a helper I would have expected the job to be done in 1/2 the time.

This is why I work very hard every year to maintain my government contacts. My gigs started as 4 figure jobs and moved to 5 figures last year. That’s 1 job and they take a couple of weeks at most. I would rather 100 $2000.00 jobs then 2000 $100.00 jobs. When I go back in the military I will be pushing my business hardcore every chance I get. I know they have the money, it’s just a matter of seeing my face everyday and signing the contract. If I am in long enough to do 2 cleanings, I’m going to push for mulitple year contracts.

Since this thread has been hijacked I may as well chime in. :smiley:

I remember a few years ago on the NWCD talking about how I
gross an average of $100 an hour… I was bashed! I was a liar
or a thief!

The fact is that it is not hard to gross $100 an hour. Prices
matter but the skill level is equally important.

If it takes Starbrite 2 hours to clean 30 windows compared
to 1.5 for Dan… that is significant. (this is an example boys,
don’t trip :))

I am very fast and therefore made more money than some others.

Increase skill or increase price

2 1/2 Paul, I wish i was that fast.

Hey bro I remember that thread. It was like one of the 1st ones I read when i got into the business and joined that group. You are not kidding when you say you were bashed. It was like you were the only guy on there and EVERYONE was jumping you. Man that was crazy. I have never forgotten that post. You know some days I make $30 per hour, some days $60, on my government job last year it took about 2 weeks. minus my overhead I made about $500 per hour. I wish those were everyday lol. .