How many responsibid customers have you got so far this year?

I’m not talking about how many customers have called you or any other way. Specifically how many people have taken the time to fill out the responsibid?

According to google analytics, so far this year I’ve had 589 “new” visits to my site. Of those 159 filled out responsibids.

Not great but I don’t think its too shabby for my first year full time.

How many of those became paying customers?

John K Wyatt
All Washed Up Window Cleaning

Good Question John.

Why wouldn’t you know that’s the whole point of responsibid.

[MENTION=5633]AllWashedUp[/MENTION] I guess that is the important question huh?

589 New visits to me site

159 Total Responsibids filled out
85 Closed
4 Scheduled
1 Pending

I was making a point Brian, I was curious myself how many of the responsibids [MENTION=5152]wws[/MENTION] turned into paying customers.

Since at this time I do not use responsibid, and would like to see how well it preforms as another closing tool.

Thank [MENTION=5152]wws[/MENTION].

Thought you were op
Your names similar
My bad

No problem no blood no foul…:cool:

I know that we could do better closing those open bids too. I have my wife doing all of my office work and she refuses to call the customers that we havent booked. The schedule has been full since the beginning of May, and we I really couldnt take on much more work, so I don’t really complain too much. But we could definitely do better. Hopefully I’ll be able to add another truck and then I can worry about that stuff a little more.

Lol, we’ve confused people before. I remember someone about a year ago that thought that I was having a conversation with myself.

I don’t haven exact numbers for you but responsibid is a must Steve. The time alone that I save is worth every dime plus it makes it easy for whoever is in the office to give a bid.

you fit right in down here… you don’t read so well.

3 days have been educational:)

That’s why I don’t employ anyone I can’t fire. If someone refuses to do what I tell them to… they gotta go!

…though if my wife did work for me, and I had to fire her, I would still let her keep the “benefits package” as I like to call it. :cool:

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I just let Heather read this… and she reminded me that she did work for me for a little while, til Zeke was born. Then I gave her permanent maternity leave. It worked out ok. She does what I tell her to. Tim, get that woman in shape!

Ha. I was following the conversation the same as you, don’t feel bad…

Only been a couple months. So get that ‘grain of salt’ out…
I get mainly guter cleaning customers. I think I’ve had only a couple windows… and not one has done the ‘exact quote’ option.

The customers have been ‘knock their head off’ pricing, and they have mostly already scheduled.

  • the form asks for customer info first, so I don’t wanna hear anyone defending any kind of low response due to my pricing…
    if that were he case, I’d adjust.

Still waiting for that ‘I never leave the house anymore’ situation that some claim.
But the inquiries that come are on par with my previous ‘Contact Us’ form, but with some nice/more info to go on.

I don’t think ‘closing tool’ I think more along the lines of “GRAVY.”


I took had huge price discrepancies when I was trying to pick the pricing options for rough and exact. I always charged by the window and had no idea how to charge by the sqft. So I disabled the rough estimate part. My customers just leave things blank when they dont feel like figuring the exact quote. I’ve only been using responsibid for about 5 1/2 months now

Interesting way to put it. Oh yeah by the way everyone its me “wcs”…