How many storefronts can you clean in a day

I know that there is many variables that can go into this. Id be interested to hear what you route guys are capable of cleaning in a day . Number of crew,size of stores, miles traveled etc.


Oh about that many…

Good topic Luke!

+Number of crew (1-3)

+size of stores (average 10-14 panes)

+miles traveled (up to 35)

By myself i do a strong 5-6 hours of glass time.
I think Mike response is about right on money wise.

Ya to be Honest to many variables like you said one guy should be able to do between 4-6 hundred dollars a day. If your priced right an work is tight, an depending on how he cleans it could even be a little more

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@luke3636 whats your numbers?

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I/we push a $1.10 to $1.20 a minute on store front work.

Not sure what are your numbers on route work…

So we all are say about the same thing on whats possible per day.

$120 per man hour is very possible with a tight and full route thats priced right and a good technician working it.