How much Ammonia should I add to 3 gallons of water?

I have non pure Ammonia. I’m wondering how much I should add to my water.

How much do the guys that use Ammonia add?

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Back when I used the stuff, I believe the technical term was “glug”. A couple of “glugs” was all I was instructed to use for a 2-3 gallon mix.

I stopped using it a long time ago, and don’t miss it one bit. What’s your reason for wanting it in your mix?

Yeah, I’ve tried it a few but I would never make it my togo mix. Especially NOT for residential. You jack up somebody’s tint and that would suck.

Not sure if that’s sarcasm I smell, or just the diesel fumes…
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Metric, heh.

I just recently learned what a “butt load” is.

Are you putting Ammonia in your water daily for general window cleaning? That is not a wise thing. Besides the exposure/breathing thing, you should only add ammonia for jobs where it is necessary, and safe. As said before, you don’t want to mess up someone’s tint or drip on floors or fabric. Ammonia was used for years as a floor wax stripper

I banned ammonia the day we added pressure washing as a service. No desire to go splodey-splode.

My recommendation: About Zero ounces per 3 gallons.

I hate the stuff.

The ONLY time it has been worthwhile, was when I’d be 5 floors up, in the chair (wide open air)
on the side of a building dead next to a busy freeway.

  • just trying to make a dent in some 3 inch, thick ass, road funk!
  • on hour 12 of what should have been a 8 hour day.

If you don’t need it, then don’t use it. Unless you like to smell, that’s a different story.

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What do you use in its place? My parents have had there window cleaning business 35 years and use it every day. What’s the alternative? Thanks

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In my current company we use dawn most of the time. We only add ammonia when needed.

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just use extra soap. dawn should be fine. what are you needing ammonia for.

We don’t use a lot of it but we do use it.

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If your parents jumped off a bridge would you jump too? Just kidding, that’s what they always used to say to me about my friends so I’m flipping it up.

Anyway, ammonia is pretty old school. It’s probably good on floors and sure, it’ll work on windows, but it’s just nastiness. Why use it if you don’t have to?

Ammonia will jack up window tint pretty quick, especially the janitorial strength stuff. It’ll also burn out your sinuses. Oh, and you can accidentally create mustard gas if you’re not careful. But sure, it’ll clean the heck out of a stove. Vinegar will too by the way - it’s like a magical household cleaner that most people don’t know about.

But people swear by their ammonia and newspapers, but who really likes the smell?

For cleaning windows, skip the ammonia and just use some dawn. Give your bucket a quick squirt - more squirts if you’re dealing with heavy greased up windows and give it a shot. You can also add a squirt of glass gleam 3 or 4 if you want that special sauce, but window cleaners all over the world are using simple dish soap.

To determine how much soap you really want, you could just fill up a squirt bottle with water and add a few drops of dawn in there and see how it works for you. You don’t want too much soap with suds everywhere, but too little soap and your squeegee won’t glide. I tend to add a boat load of soap to my squirt bottle for a greasy restaurant but then I dump it out when I go outside and use light soap.

Hahaha. I don’t think I would follow them!! lol. Anyways we do use dawn, and a tad bit of ammonia. Kinda like teaching a old dog new tricks… Maybe we will give it a shot

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Just replace the ammonia with 3/4 oz of GG4. Replace a bad habit with a good one. lol :wink:

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