How Much would you Charge

How Much would you Charge for 80 these? thanks.


Caradco casements with exterior storms.

Incredible pain in the ass.

$40-50 per panel.

Bring a few hundred screen hanging clips with you. If they get a lot of sun they crumble.


80 pairs, or 80 panels (counting the pictured example as 2 separate panels)?

Looks like old casements with screw-tab storms, and removeable dividers (muntins) correct? Are the muntins between the storm and casement, or inside the home?

Our usual price is $15[I] per panel[/I] for this setup: $8 for the casement, $6 for the storm panel, and $1 for the muntin. So $30 for what’s pictured. That’s $1,200 or $2,400 depending on how you’re counting. I might be willing to round down depending on the overall difficulty of the job. If there’s more than a few 2nd floor windows, though, I don’t think I’d budge on my price (and definitely not this time of year).

Those prices are incredible. Have you ever gotten any jobs at those rates, that had more than a couple of sets?

Eighty “of those,” exactly?

As of April 13th at 6:53 I’d be at $3200
Truth be told, I could probably do it for half and be fine.

  • but I won’t.
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yes 80 panels. no removable dividers

So those are true divides behind the storms? I amend my price to $1,500. That’s my price if I was hoping to have a chance of getting it. If it’s the middle of May, and I’m really not in the mood for this type of job, I may be tempted to throw out a figure of $2,500. We have a set price list, so our bids usually don’t fluctuate like that. But these are kind of a unique situation. We’re not twisting anyone’s arm to pay our prices :wink:

Yeah, the storms reveal regular windows…
The ‘Pella Style’ when the storm is removed from the interior is where there are removable muts, blinds and other shenanigans.

Come to think of it:
I’m gonna match Alex’s price.

  • because I want the job and don’t like him very much. :smiley:
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Just for the record, I’m only joking about not liking Alex.

  • he’s one of my favorite people here.

(which is exactly [B]why[/B] I joke)

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Don’t get carried away… I don’t like you THAT much. :rolleyes:

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Charge em an arm and a leg…


Lady has the same type of windows, the caradco double hung type.

They don’t tilt in so they’d have to be removed on a ladder.

The window above the door with the roof just looks plain unsafe - to have to get on the roof to remove and there’s moss on the roof so it’s probably hella slippery.

Not only do the double hungs have the storm panels attached on the outside of them but there’s also 2 storm panels in the tracks. Basically 4 storm panels each, how many storms do you need??? lol

I ain’t doing this.

I stopped servicing them soon after this post, but yeah, people were paying it. It still wasn’t enough.

Pella interior storms went bye bye around the same time.

Wait… you guys still clean storm windows?!

Yep, at least for now.

I did drop storefronts tho.

I grow storefronts and dropped storms… storefront work is the best.