How often do you change your rubber

I’ve had this discusion with several people I know, and I’m surprised at the mixed results. Maybe certain rubbers last longer ?? Maybe you don’t need to change as much with different kinds of cleanings (highrise, construction, etc…) who knows, but what I do know is everyone does different things.

I use Ettore and change mine daily. Hardly ever using one more than a day. Sometimes 2 per day. I have a buddy thadoes the majority of the highrise in the area. He changes his blade out every couple weeks :eek: I have another buddy in Alb that used to go several days with one. I look it at like this, The rubber costs appx $2, I can make $60 to $100 an hour depending on how fast I am. If I have a blade that’s leaving a line or a bad corner causing me more fanning, saving the $2 blade is costing much more.

Anyways, where do you stand? I gave a multiple question answer option, so vote for two if you wish.

My 36" and 18" get changed every couple of weeks but the smaller ones get changed more often, but I still don’t change them as often as I should!

If I were only to use one squeegee than I suppose I would need to at least flip it over after a days work.

When the rubber stops performing the way that is should. Residential Window Cleaning Louisville KY

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If I have a big day I flip the rubber halfway thru the day. Generally I can go 2 days on average days. (A big day would be 3 houses in and out or a huge storm job)

But here is the million dollar question…Why do you guys change out so frequently? Is it because you love that new rubber feeling on the glass? I can use the same rubber same side for weeks before getting any lines. I answered the poll once per week on average. I do love the feel of the fresh rubber though against the glass. I just like to get my full use out of anything before I toss it.

I find I have much less detailing if I change the rubber more frequently. I find I save more money time wise than the cost of the rubber.

Do you fan or str8 pull? Also what brand do you use? When I used to pull str8 across a rubber seemed to last longer. I strictly keep mine changed out to maintain speed.

The results of the poll says to me that you are either lying or you have very little experience with windows.
Unless you are doing contruction cleanups, one a day is totally ridiculous.
Check in your squeegee and get another job. :slight_smile:

LOL< who are you talking too? The 7 people who voted on using one per day :slight_smile: Yea I’m sure we are all lying or have zero experience. How long have you been cleaning windows?? Has it ever dawned on you perhaps you’re doing it wrong? It’s a $2 rubber dude. If you’re about saving that $2 per day you should consider hanging up your squeegee and finding something else.

Also how is a construction clean harder on your rubber than a normal cleaning? Cons. clean glass should be smoother by the time you squeegee it than any other glass. Have you been drinking tonight Merv?

I guess you haven’t done much hard construction work. If you did you wouldn’t write that.
How many rubbers per day do you use? If it is once a day, could you send me your old rubbers?

There you go assuming again :slight_smile: I’ve done enough construction I turn it away now.

I use one per day. Sometimes two if it nicks early.

My time is money. It would take time to collect them, box them up and send to you. There’s no money in reselling used rubbers :slight_smile: Besides I think the site (they sell NEW rubbers) may frown on it. Nope sorry, they’re going in the dumpster…

How often does your rubber get nicked so you have to use 2 per day? I find that truly hard to believe.
If you would send me your one day old rubber, I would never have to buy rubber again. I will pay the shipping charges plus a little more.

2 per day maybe once or twice a month. 1 per day, every work day. You aren’t getting it. It isn’t worth my time $ wise to collect and sell them back to you. If I saved all for the next 6 months = appx 132 rubbers and sold them to you for .50 I still make more than that per hour. Just isn’t worth the time dude. I think you may be putting too much value on these rubbers :slight_smile: You’d really laugh if I told my line on Huck Towels = Cheaper to buy more than it is to wash old ones…

90% fan, maybe 10% straight pulls or maybe dividefrench windows, but even those I Z method on. I don’t know I guess I just don’t see the overall loss. I do notice after a good day or so that the rubber moves across the glass differently. I guess thats what I meant by the “feel” of new rubber. You guys know what I am talking about. But I can use rubber 1,2, even 3 weeks with no issues. I usually only change or flip whenI get a divot in the middle, or the end gets messed up and starts leaving a trail. I use Ettore all the way. Maybe it’s because I use a 12" channel most of the time???

And after you’re done with them Merv, I’ll take em off your hands and get another week out of them. LOL

So heads up to anyone in WA, go hit up Justin for day old rubbers!!! :smiley:

When I first started, I changed my blade for every job (excepting small commercial). I used a new blade on the outside of the house and then I flipped the blade before doing the inside.

I find with my employees, It’s easy to get a week out of a blade. However, I make sure they change the blades every Monday and the strip washer sleeves every day. I don’t really see the need to change a blade every day, unless you are really burning through that much glass. There is no real quality upside to random blade changes, just inspect it every day, it’s easy to see when it needs to be changed.