How often do you use steel wool / bronze wool on residential cleans?

How often do you use steel wool / bronze wool on residential cleans?

  • All the time, both interior & exterior
  • Sometimes, but mostly just on first time cleans
  • Only on exteriors
  • Very rarely
  • Never

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I’m curious to hear how frequently everyone uses steel / bronze wool while doing residential window cleaning. I find myself using it on almost every pane whether inside or out, first time or recurring and am wondering if I’m doing so just out of habit. Perhaps its not always necessary and this in turn brings down my hourly rate per job?

Steel wool mostly on first-time cleanings. We do use bronze wool while WFP a lot due to birds (poop or run-ins).

Here is an example of new and old Bronze wool.


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I mostly use the white scrub pad and only break out the bronze wool for hefty stubborn stuff.

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Yes these are the white scrub pads we use.

Yep, I cut them in half to get more mileage from them.


I have never used steel or bronze wool to clean a window.

I sure would like to try, as I am really trying to get away from scraping with my Triumph 6 inch MK3. I am going to order some to try…do you guys recommend the Mayker holder where you can put the pads on them?

I run into some dirty cleans that I really feel a nice bronze wool after I scrub the window would really go far. I use the magic eraser now.

Get the handy sleeve


I think I will man, I really do. Looks like a great tool to add to your collection. Hands down.

The Handy Sleeve looks exactly like what I need, I saw that last week online. I’ve been finding using bronze pads often is starting to flare up my arthritis after long days due to the force applied while using a pad open handed.

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Josh I think the way that product was designed, its giving you so many more Pounds per inch of pressure. That is what is selling me, less force more work!

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I use the handy sleeve everyday without fail, I can throw a slop towel on to mop floors or wipe lower ledges/doors. I can toss a detail towel on for detailing, or wiping frames down with a damp microfiber. I put an abrasive on and use on a pole or in hand. I use it on a second 24’ trad pole for an abrasive or scraper when I’m using the wfp and need some extra scrub or scrape power.

Handy is an understatement, it is always in a pouch on my belt.

As for abrasives, I’ve been using the walnut pad and they are amazing. They also don’t leave white fuzzy crap on my handy sleeve when I change pads.

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What are you cleaning off with it ? We used it here on first time cleanings when the dirt is starting to get baked in the glass . But on jobs we do at least once a year we don’t use it

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I mostly use bronze wool to tackle bug gunk and stubborn specks here and there. I bust out the razor occasionally for stickers or paint but rarely use it truthfully.

I’ve heard before that a customer is looking through the window until it’s so dirty that theyre looking at it and they call us to have them cleaned. Whereas we look at windows directly, which obviously you need to in order to clean them. But I’m starting to think that the small specks that are occasionally left behind when not using an abrasive aren’t seen by the customer, only myself because they are simply looking through the cleaned window instead.

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same here.

regular customers; almost never, I’ll flip over the WFP and scrub off bird poop if needed to speed it up occasionally…

I do a bunch of work for realtors, and the glass has almost always been neglected. It’s worth the extra effort, (lock box and empty home is easy to stuff into the schedule anywhere). a quick scrub with bronze to get the glass looking good (with no extra charge) has kept me on the top of the list of people to call and, has gotten me plenty of calls from home buyers.

otherwise… charge accordingly…

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Just make your DIY one.
Check the pictures too easy.

Window cleaners are so cheap… $30 for an amazing tool that works as advertised or better than advertised

(Window cleaners are so cheap…)
What do you mean by that comment??

It means so many of us (I’ve been guilty of it) are just looking to save $20/$30/$40 at every corner instead of just investing a couple bucks on that new tool or whatever the expense may be

It just means windows cleaners are cheap and prefer to invent their own wheel as opposed to buying the wheel that’s already been invented because it has a price tag