How quickly do you wash 20 window glass?

I have ben wondering how my customers and other people, have been saying that their last window cleaner, could clean their windows in like 10-15 minutes, when I take around 25 minutes or so, how long would it take for you to clean a house with 20 windows with only 1 piece of glass, not seperated in two or more, just one? And just in general, how quick are you to window clean a house?

Im from Denmark btw.

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I like data, so I do measure my work from time to time. However, there is a difference in how fast it is done compared to how clean it is. We have some clients that mentioned, when we first did their glass, we were slower and costed more. But the clients were most impressed with how clean the glass was and how we did other things (like clean screens, etc). They continued to note that we cleaned better than he previous service, not just that the window was clean.

We have had a few local cleaners that didn’t leave a clean window impression with their former clients. Not saying they don’t clean well…

But for trad work, single story home, cleaning only 20 panes (no screens), average time would be about 22 minutes. Interior work is different than exterior and the season does have an impact on time as well

every job we do is timed but i don’t count panes or windows in most cases.

2 person crew van mounted wfp including glass and frames setup and takedown

minimum price jobs outside only 10-15 panes 10-16 minutes

approx 20 panes would likely average around 20 minutes. 40 panes around 30 minutes.

we have far more 5 star reviews than any other in our area and people regularly tell uss we are far better than previous cleaners many are shocked that we are finished so quickly.

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But how can anyone do it on like 10-15 mins?

How many customers would you be able to clean for in like a hour?

And is the 20 minutes on 2 person crew or just one?

crew and equipment as stated
times as stated start to finish including setup and takedown

Why can I do it in like 25 minutes, when 2 man crew takes 20 about it?

that depends on job size and travel distance.
we normaly do 6-13 jobs per day. working 8-3 or so.

i don’t know maybe your superman. you wash the frames as well?

i don’t know maybe they are batman?

dirty window: mop then with a bronze wool scrub, mop again, wipe frame and edge, squeegee amd wipe bottom frame takes 1.25-.5 minutes, on really bad windows it can take several minutes.
Maintenance clean: 35-40 seconds on residential, 20-27 seconds on commercial.
@pristineviewcleaners has it right. Having the right tools, not EVERY tool, with you and a system to clean makes it easier. In the beginning I took 3 hours ona house that I now finish in 1h45m for the more money than then. I know a lot of window washers but few window cleaners. We expect a clean window and it sometimes takes more time and those numbers are averages. Once the glass is clean it is time to rock as long as we get back to them within 6 months it’s easy fast Glass.

Why is commercial faster to clean?

6 months between each clean? Isn’t that a long time? I do maintainance cleans mostly every 4 weeks.

Would you reccomend getting a wfp or?

Depending on your weather and seasons, 6 months may be totally fine for a maintenance clean. Clean glass is so much easier to churn out compared to new cleans.

Commercial can be easier to clean if the glass is larger and not irregularly shaped, and little screen work. Think of a french pane door V commercial door. Also, WFP can help speed up time if the right conditions exist, but not all the time (bushes, moving around, setup, etc).

Edit: My clean glass I meant maintenance clean. I new glass I meant initial clean, hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, etc.

I don’t think that I understand the terms ‘‘clean glass’’ and ‘‘new cleans’’, but what does that mean? From my experience windows already starts to get dirty after about 1-2 months, thats why im thinking 6 months is a crazy amount of time for the dirt to get really into the window. I don’t have a van yet, but im thinking maybe using a facelift bigboy water backpack, with pure water in it, and just drive around with that to start with.

I’m sorry, I mixed up my terms or something, not sure what happened. I added a little addendum to my previous post. I was meaning maintenance cleans versus initial cleans that haven’t been cleaned in a long time.

It sounds like you are talking about casement windows.

20 windows, in, out, screens and sills should take between 60-90 minutes for one experienced tech.

The law of diminishing returns dictates that with 2 techs it should still take an hour.

Chris so do you operate 1 man crews? I’ve often wondered if the extra expense of work vehicles and insurance is less than the loss in production. I haven’t crunched the numbers to justify but have thought the loss of production is less the the cost to run multiple crews of 1. So be I operate 2 man crews. Maybe you have done the numbers? @ChrisTripleC

In my experience it depends on jobs. Sucks to pay 2 people to travel to the same places. If it’s a multi service job, say a roof cleaning & windows, gutters, windows etc it’s nice to have 2 people for customer service. I am currently an owner operator and feel one person makes the most money. In my opinion if you take two solo top of the food chain guys and send them out separately they will make more than 2 top guys together on houses. Now if you want to go bang out multi service jobs or several homes in the same neighborhood the 2 person crew is better.

We run 2 man crews, and I’ll go out as a one man crew every once in a while (though this is becoming less often a time goes on).

I set a daily revenue par for our work crews that pays the bills and nets a healthy profit. A strong one man crew can hit that par, depending on the job, but then you risk the chance of mistakes, mishaps and burnout. We may put out more money with 2 man crews, but the amount of work we can safely get done makes up for that.

i am small but have used 1 and 2 person crews there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

So we pay commission for our guys so the drive time is not necessarily as big of a concern. Since they’re not paid drive time but it is still downtime but that’s something you have to factor in no matter what. Big jobs are definitely nice to have multiple guys and sometimes it’s a necessity when the customer has a certain deadline they need it done bye.