How to prolong the life of squeegee rubber

I have tried storing the squeegee in my bucket of water and also just keeping it dry in the back of the vehicle and keeping it from touching stuff and I’m wondering will keeping the squeegee waterborne make it wear faster? I’m starting to feel this may be true. What do you know?

Never seen a rubber crack !


I’d say keep rubber out of the heat & sun, I’d also say keep it dry than wet. In the old days rubber was sent in a sealed bag & a touch of talc.

so is the consensus: storing rubber in a bucket of water is bad. also keep it out of the sunlight which I do so I’m good there? any other tips for prolonging squeegee rubber would be good besides the super obvious.

and when in use, store in a leather holster, handle down, rather than the squeegee slots on boab’s

I also don’t leave stored rubber in a way that the rubber is squashed, twisted or has weight on it - also if you leave them in your boab, make sure the channels not to long to get squashed at the end. I try to cut at least 5 different channel lengths of spares for each favorite channel so I don’t mess around while working, these I keep flat or only slightly curved (for the longer lengths).

If you are really concerned with getting the maximum life out of your rubbers:

For starters don’t use a towel to dry them as you work. Use a sea sponge or something similar.
At the end of each day take out your rubber, clean/dry it off, and store it in a crush-proof container with a little bit of talc or baby powder.
Store it in a cool, dry place.

I do none of this, and I can get at least 2 regular sized houses out of a rubber, a lot of times more than that.

I agree with Ryan, except never use baby powder.

As mentioned, I never follow these rules. :slight_smile: You’re probably right.

Similar to the other suggestions:

Dam! Now there’s something else I have to do to my truck cap! Nice idea.

Yeah, I do the same for the longer channels used a lot & use the variable length map holder for just the long channels.

We Use Unger Hard Rubber and then we try to clean more windows and use them up faster so we dont have to think about making them last longer. The more rubber we burn up the more revenue. Booyah!

whatcha got in the pvc pipe?

Whats up with baby powder? Cuz I use it too…what does it do to the rubber?

Extra and custom cut channels. One pipe is those approx 24" and down, one is 36" and down.

I store mine in a ziploc bag with talc. Keep them out of the sun and the heat as much as possible, especially the softer extruded rubber

Just kidding Sal. It’s just scented talc. :slight_smile:

I also stuff a huck or two in the ends and along side the channels just to keep them from bumping around.

Well maybe you treat your stuff like you treat this truck in the picture covered in mud. If your the only one laughing at your pathetic attempt to be savvy or superior you may be considered a dweeb among your peers. I don’t like throwing away money or treating my stuff like garbage and I definitely am over people replying with ignant responses like yours. P.S. the longer your rubber lasts the more money you earn. P.P.S Nice website though.