How was your year?

I surprised myself this year by achieving gross return of 50% more than last year. Mainly I attribute this to the results of going above and beyond on every job in the last few years to ensure that clients are very satisfied with my work and would be likely to repeat business with me and/or pass my name along to others.

I had to hire an employee mid-way through the year to help with the growing work-load. He has turned out very well (I went through a couple before I found him) and I hope he sticks around. I have given him a few raises and he is now earning decent coin and deserves every penny.

How has your year been? Did you surprise yourself with year-over-year growth? Did you earn the same as last year? Did you make less than last year?

  • More than last year… came as a surprise.
  • More than last year… planned for it.
  • About the same as last year, I want to earn more next year.
  • About the same as last year, I am totally fine with this.
  • Less than last year by accident.
  • Less than last year on purpose.

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(this poll was inspired by @leavingnc his post detailing how much he has increased his revenue by… very inspiring! Some year end statistics)


I have only been part-time since April so I can’t really say anything. But I will have to say that I have been surprised about the accounts you can get when you work towards it.


Yes my man! Yes, yes, yes. Keep going and never give up. Build a nice business for yourself and your family.

It was pretty good not really bad. Looking forward to early next year: Samurai. Coming soon. Tell your friends.


I sold my business for 350% more than I paid for it five years ago.


Fantastic! Congratulations.

That is a 70% appreciation per year. Much better than the stock market.


Alright fellers… thanks for participating in the poll.

I will be doing some planning this winter for next year. Hope to increase by another 50%. Will have to hire another employee to get there.

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My whole year was the worst since I started! Except for the last 3 months that is!! Finally freaken busy!

Went from dirty looks from the wife with me on the couch to “what time are you getting home already! You’re never here anymore!”

I doubt I’ll ever understand what makes em tick. Has anyone ever had the day (only counts if you have been married over 5 years, newlyweds don’t count) where the wife still greets you when you come home like your pets do?

At least THEY smile!

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Poor Thor! LoL :joy:

Try bringing her some flowers home next time you are late.

Works for me.

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My gross was about the same as last year but I had much more family time and I worked bigger jobs that will pay off with repeat business and visibility.


I made about the same as last year. It has worked out well. My goal is always to spend as much time as I can with my family. This business has allowed me to do that.


I had a great first full part time year :slight_smile:

With no advertising(other than a website), I brought in around 15k.

But the biggest and best thing of it all - the experience. Tons of learning and still so much.

Loving it!


We hit nearly $40K in revenue! Its my first year in business and it was much better in terms of revenue than I anticipated with me working the business on the side of my full time job. I hired a friend that I have known for half my life and he has been the best thing to happen to the business. He even landed our largest customer through a personal contact. There have been some headaches along the way, but its been a great learning process. Funny thing is I still haven’t decided what I want out of the business. My #1 goal this past year was to break even and have a debt free business. We achieved that. I haven’t put much thought into my goals for the coming year, but the short list is to get more organized, go after more commercial customers, and possibly hire a second employee to get me out of the truck to focus more on sales. It occurs to me that I haven’t fully committed to the business at this point and we hit $40K! So if I focus more, not let minor issues get me down, and stop being lazy and self-doubting, then who knows what we can achieve.


I stopped doing that when I was the one who had to put them in a vase and water!

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That’s good to hear @HBM. I am also playing the ‘long game’ and always focus on the future over and above what’s happening in the present.

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Very good. Family is the highest virtue of time well spent.

My goal was to escape having to answer to a boss and to be in control of my time. I still feel liberated as a self-employed person and feel these simple goals are still worth all the effort of running a small w/cleaning business.


2016 was a down year (actually, it was the first time my gross had declined from the previous year in 10 years of busi…err…self-employment). Lots of distractions, poor time management and some bad bidding, as well. So our gross went up ~23% in 2017. And we surpassed our previous record year (2015) by about 7%.

I’m lousy at tracking, but my seat-of-the-pants feeling is that I put in less work last year than I have for the past several years. I attribute that to bumping up my pricing (service minimum went up by $50, and per-window by another buck), and getting a little more serious about power washing. I also started to limit the number of jobs I took on that had storm windows, since I’ve found I always do poorer on them hourly and energy-wise (something I’m beginning to value more highly).

In 2018 I’d like to triple the amount of power washing I do. Then maybe I’ll finally crack six digits. But only if I can pull it off in less time and effort than I put in this year :smirk:


Id prefer working less hours with better paying jobs and easier work at somewhat lesser annaul sales because you can build and add to that up each year.

You say you want to triple the amount of power washing but with less time and effort. Is it possible to add that much more work while working the same hours?

Sorry about the late vote and response @OPM!

Last year was slightly better. With a restructuring mid flow, I’m good with the “same” for last year.

2018 will crush prior years numbers.

Good thread Cory!

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Good to hear Steve!

Everyone loves polls right?

As a result of this thread I have tightened up my business plan for 2018. It was a bit loosy goosey before but I still achieved all my mental, unwritten goals. I now have written down my plan, crunched the #'s and made some appropriate phone calls.

Good luck and God speed to you all for this new year 2018. Don’t forget to update the year on your invoices!

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