How would you hang Wfp

Want to be able to pull the poles out from the back door without getting in the van & nothing that hangs too low.

PVC pipe…


Listen to Jersey’s Podcast a few weeks back (I think it was about hacks or tips). He talks about how to do it. I built a cubby, but I have it installed in a trailer. I will also need to revise it when we get a destroyer pole.

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Couldn’t figure out the hook part and couldn’t find u bolts big enough so went with zip ties!

Nice…Hose clamps work too…

I just got a GMC Canyon 6’ bed with topper. I removed one of the roof rack nuts caddy-corner to each other to connect a hook to it and tightened the nut back on, from that hook I attached a strap that I can put one end of the pole in and another velcro strap to the end next to topper lift gate. Works great.
I use these for hanging my WFP, works great. I tried pvc, but broke a clamp when sliding the pole in one time.

Looks good. Nice van !

It is so nice having literally every single thing in here


I have the same van. I used these hooks, an dropped a PVC pipe in it.

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Love it

yeah hang PVC, that is the way to go. there are actually kits on Amazon too, ~Jersey 862-312-2026

@Majestic66 I like the setup. Where do you keep your RO/DI cart or mounted system? I’ve been trying to figure out a better setup in my Transit High Roof. I have an IPC Eagle cart but the frame is shot so I’m toying with the idea of mounting it with a tank and adding a 12v pump.

Thanks Bro ! I have a 50 gallon tank , and I bungee it in … right behind the drivers side seat .
I put the pump on a board an screwed it into the shelving unit wall right by the tank.

I use a Di tank , so I just bungee that by the back shelving wall were you see my belt hanging. It’s not there now because it’s winter it’s in the house.

With this set up I just went with a pump. No flow controller. I had the pump now for 6 years no problems. I use a small ball valve at the top of my poll to control the flow.

If you need more pics let me know.

Yeah I would love to see more pictures. So is your reel hooked up In that picture (with hose going out the back door) or do you move to side? I’m wondering if I could mount all the filters from the cart on a board and have a hose reel in the front of it coming out the side door. Not sure if I need a pump and tank if I just hook up garden hose directly to pre filters. Any ideas on that?

The green hose comes from my pump. I can go out the side door or the back I have a mobile hose reel right now. I pull that reel you see out , an either place it by the side door or the back
I use to have double stacked Cox reels. In the back driver side Where the single reel is.
I have to get some welding done. The bracket that held the reels I place is rotted and there’s a hole in the bottom of the van. I was power washing with those reels so lots of Chems caused rot. I no longer power wash out of this van, but damaged done

Maybe look into a set of double stack reels. One for your source hose an one with your Hose to your pole.

You can hook directly to a spigot an feed your cart. That works !!!

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@Majestic66 Awesome! Thanks for the pictures. Yeah that’s what I’m thinking with the stacked reels. Either Cox or Titan reels. I was contemplating mounting skid for PW in my van but instead decided with a trailer. I was afraid of the chemicals in the van. It’s a pain towing a trailer on tight streets. Mounting the pure water system inside the van and just being able to hook up supply hose to house will make house wash/window jobs much more efficient.

I have to figure out how to actually mount Prefilters, RO and DI inside. I have metal shelves like you I have to move further towards the back of the van. Maybe mount to wood board then mount to side panels. Have to figure out how to run discharge line as well.

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@Denver13 Nice! So you can hook up two reels to that green hose? What size pump do you have?

Sorry for this being repetitive, I posted this in another thread thinking it was this one.

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