Huck Towel Problem

I bought 40 huck towels from Canadian Cleaning Supplies last summer/fall and loved them. Last month I bought another 20. This last batch cost a little less but I hate them. Not as thick, more open weave, more linty. I asked the guy at CCS if anyone has complained about the quality and he tells me it’s just the opposite. “Everybody loves these” he says, “more absorbent than before.”

I point out the very open weave and he suggests that’s what make them more absorbent. I personally feel that more fibre will absorb water versus openness (open=space, a void).

All I know is that I can almost do a whole int of a house using [B]one[/B] older style huck towel where I’d need 3-4 of the newer style ones because they are soaking wet too fast. Moisture seams to sit on the surface of the towel as opposed to being absorbed.

Bottom line, does anyone else have this problem and does anyone know where I can get the thicker, more absorbant style. I didn’t see any on the WCR store.

Sounds like bunk to me! How can less fibers and more air (open weave) hold more water? Microfibers seem to hold more and they are tight and micro. I bought some from 101 instead of DSC and use them for everything but windows because they suck. I ordered a big box from DC and I’m very happy with them.

I’d maybe try washing them in some vinegar to see if that helps with the absorbency? Also…just a reminder NEVER use dryer sheets;)

I myself over the years have seen a decline in “quality of hucks” in general now we use strickly “surgical towels” less linty too!

I’d recommend that you only use microfibres. Bye bye hucks. Bye bye surgical towels. Hello micro-fibre happiness.

Do you find after a few washes that “micro-fiber” clothes/towels lose there absorbency? Thats been my finding;)

I have for years got them from primetime solutions but this past year they quit selling them. These ones here seem to be a very nice quality, check out the size and prices too!

I prefer low-pile microfibers.

My current favorite is the Unger Light Duty Micro Wipe due its performance is equal to my previous favorite (Unger Heavy Duty Micro Wipe), but at a lower price.

I use those crappy yellow microfibers from Costco (about USD 0.40 each) for wiping frames.

There are different grades of microfibers, with different chemistries.

I never use dryer sheets but thanks for the input.

“Hucks” “Surgical towels” Not the same thing?

I’ll by some microfibers the next time around. For frames and sills I just use terry towels.

That’s pretty much want i use terry towels for my “pick-up” towels and a sponge sometimes for frames as well.

The surgical towels seem to hold up better not completely lint free but much better then some of the hucks i’ve purchased over the years.

I use "micro-fiber towels specifically for cutup & leaded glass these days.

I’d have to agree. I found that microfibers absorb much more water than the huck towels.

just ordered a dozen of these…I’ll let you know what they’re like

I have to say that these low pile micros have me addicted… crack cocaine for window cleaning for sure. I know Unger’s is probably every bit as good and I’ve see lots of others with the same weave, but the price is good and they are really durable.

Also, as far as fabric softener… these guys have been awesome:

they keep the static down to close to zero. In order to keep my micros nice I use a terry like Craig mentioned as my “work horse” wiping the bottoms and all the sludge up.

ya you need to use microfibers

I’ll definitely try some micro fibers. Thanks guys.

Micro fibers should be laundered in a soap-less solution. As the fibers keep all the soap residue in. There are other alternative to using soap.

I’m dying to hear…

from my experience washing my sons cloth diapers which are fleece with a microfiber insert…wash with a all natural soap which you need very little of since your towels will have soap absorbed in them anyhow, rinse very well, twice even. dry without fabric softener, use dryer balls instead.

i personally use surgical towels and love em. i cannot stand the feel of microfiber towels in my hand…i guess im weird

Natural Laundry Solutions, utilizing cellulose base instead of soap
old time laundry soda
baking soda

there are others

I bought 100 huck towels last Fall (2007) from Canada Cleaning Supplies and mine too are exactly as you describe. I bought 100 of them from CCS a few years ago and they still ROCK, but the latest ones are brutal, my employees hate them.
I too am looking for an alternative source or maybe I’ll switch to “surgical” towels or go to microfibers, the only thing I don’t like about the microfibres are the cost. Anyone know a good online site to buy them from?

With regards to Good SOAP, I use CHARLIE’S SOAP, you can buy a bucket
(1300 loads) for about $140 (shipping incl.) (I live in Canada). I bought it in September 2006 and have only used 2/3rds of it and we clean our babies cloth diapers with it too. Here’s the link to their site

Brady Miller
Big Shiny Windows
Deep River, ON Canada

Thank you Brad. Good to know it’s not just me that thinks this latest batch sucks.

One question tho, You are the second person to say you’ll try surgical towels instead. I thought [B]Huck[/B] towels are [B]Surgical[/B] towels? :confused: Even in the CCS catalog it say [I]“Huck Towels, new highly absorbent blue surgical towels…”[/I]