I cried today!

Well almost. I got a email from one of my large commercial accounts saying that they had someone else give them a bid and I was way higher than the other company and in order to keep doing the work I would have to lower my price. So I know I talk a lot of **** on here about sticking to your guns and selling your service and not lowering your prices but this one had me rethinking my whole way of thinking. I have been doing this account since the building was built and it felt like I got hit right in the stomach when I read her email. I think the reason I’m so attached to this account is because it was my first real deal and it pays so freaking well. So when I get back to the office I email the lady (Jenni) and I point out everything we do and how we take pride in this building and that we would hate to lose this account. I also ask her about the other bid and how much I would have to lower my bid. She emailed me back thanking me for all the hard work and she told me how much she like working with us and it was only because of new management and blablabla. At the end of the email she told me that if I lowered my bid $275 per service that she could make sure we went nowhere.
[SIZE=“7”][B][COLOR=“red”]$275.00??[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]. Really?? :confused: This account brings in $16,000 per year for only 3 cleanings! That was a no brainer! I don’t understand why they would be willing to risk getting B.S. service just to save $275.00. Holy crap I can believe how much that bothered me when I thought I was losing it. Most of it was ego I’m sure but it really shook me up. I guess I need to stop taking things for granted and appreciate EVERYTHING I have been lucky to accomplish in the short time we have been in business……I need a hug! :frowning: …naa im cool :cool:

Ouch… I feel your pain and sense of attachement it happens. If it makes you feel any better I have suffered the following loses.

Long time customer at ACWC over $1 per service.

Long time customer at WCR over 1 cent of total order price… Seriously 1 cent.

But glad you could work it out and not take a big loss.

New management, most likely wants to show the owner that they will save them money

New management or that dreaded COORPERATE word… UGH

So did you lower it ?

I gave a new PM a hard time once, you’re going to switch companies after 13 years just because? it wasn’t even a lower price issue! he had “his cabinet” of vendors he was bringing in. I had a huge sense of attachment to this every 2 week retail center.

I had someone point out to me a long time ago that you’ll lose customers over anything, grow a moustache and you’ll probably lose a customer, shave off a moustache and you’ll lose another.

I got the point, it helped

in the last few years I have worked with some and not with others in this type of situation, many times the building ends up in receivership or the owners belly up and nobody pays, I am finding in this day and age it can be symptom of a property going down the tubes anyway and they are knowingly going to take a ridiculous low price to meet their agenda

still hurts though

Large accounts I can see trying to stay competitive so as not to loose to much money. But this is what I tell residential customers.

Mrs. Smith, I hate to loose you as a customer, but I understand if you want to try and save some money. Because you have been so loyal I have kept your rate down to only $200 per service. When you find out the other company isn’t quite up to par, and you call us back, I will have to bring your price up to our company’s current rate for new clients of $300. Have a great day!

Once lost a wc job over 25 cents.

Maybe it was your van… lol

I’m sure he would have offered more than $.25 worth of candy while cleaning the glass

In the grand scheme of things, is it better to lose $275 this year - make almost $16,000 and plan ahead next year to make sure you don’t have to lower your price again? Or is it better to lose the job all together to prove a point?
Personally I would take their $16,000 and use THEIR money to boost my following years sales so I didn’t need them as a client.

BTW…I still have the job just lost 275. My momma raised ugly kids not dumb one’s lol.

I think I would pay $275 for $16,000 every day, given the opportunity.

I cried today also… I cut up some small dragon peppers for a meal and rubbed my eye after. Burned like a b1tch! Hey Dejay! Saw the new pics of your wrap and it looks great man. Good job and enjoy the parade, you will be in it everywhere you drive. Congrats bud.

What word is that again?? :wink:

Thank you sir! I found out that I really have to watch my blind spot because people love to ride in it to read the wrap. BtW, you were my motivation to get my truck wrapped due to your truck looking so dam good.

i lost one of my big accts to someone who underbid my price by $150.00 per cleaning, bi weekly acct. I wouldnt lower my price, 3 months later THEY called me back…asked if id lower it $50.00 per clean. I gave them the discounted price for 6 months and then went back to my original price.

That’s awesome.


Did you agree to lower your price the $50 and then go back to your original price 6 months later without letting them know ahead of time, or did you say “Ok I’ll do you a favor and give you the $50 discount for 6 months as long as you understand you’ll have to pay our regular price thereafter… Fool!”? :wink:

Women make it look so damn easy.