"I Don't Believe in Safety"

What do you think of this guy?



I posted something like this (a friend of mine) and titled it the same way you have. I caught some flack because of my title somewhat supporting his actions. You should probably change the title, unless you actually don’t believe in safety - If that’s the case “as someone told me” you’re going to catch some heat.

Death in the MAKING…

Absolutely crazy ! I’m surprised he didn’t fall in the bit that we watched…


[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman]Justin,[/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman]I definitely believe in safety. I think the guy in the video needs his head examined. I had a hard time watching the video. The title is just an attention getter.<O:p</O:p[/FONT][/SIZE]

I just threw up in my mouth

How long will he last? CRAZY!!!

Do you think his boss told him to clean those windows?

One tiny slip and he’s gone…


Not cool. when it comes to risking my life for a job im out! i have a family to feed and go home to.
that being said, that guy is stupid for doing what he did, even if his boss told him to.

His boss is probably the clown who is video taping him.

Mike, i personally don’t hold it against you. I know what you were trying to do.

Wow. My heart was racing just watching the video…

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At least its not concrete. Nice grass surface.

You have to wonder how the guy videotaping would feel as he watches his buddy fall to his death. You just can’t fix stupid!

I wonder who’s the one to come up with the bright Idea to just walk out there and do it that way? Making probably $12 an hour, thinking nothing about it. Like Mistersqueeggee you can’t fix Stuipd!

Imagine all the fame and fortune he’ll find as a Robinson’s Solution “window cleaner dies in horrible accident” blog post.

Seriously, some people deserve whatever is coming to them

These kids today, just nuts nuts I tell you!

can just about read the name on his shirt too

Wow, that so incredibly stupid!

I am here: Google Maps

Man, he should have had a boab on! Would save extra trips back and forth. Yeah, right!