I have a mobile sign idea!

I was blind cleaning in a driveway today and thought: “There are so many people walking by and driving by. They are all looking at what I am doing, as if they’ve never seen it done before. I bet they are thinking they need to get their blinds cleaned too.”

Then I thought: “What if I put up some type of sign wherever I go? It could say something like: 'Window and blind cleaning being done here (with an arrow toward the house). If you’d like to get this service call blah blah blah or take this flyer (another arrow).”

I can put the sign in my truck bed or against the back of my truck. Or maybe something that stands on its own. Has anybody done anything like this? Any thoughts?

I’ve got yard signs that my original intention was to place it in every yard we do work in until we finish and then distribute door hangers on about 20-25 homes around the residence also however sometimes we get busy and don’t put the sign out. We are pretty consistent with the door hangers though.

I don’t get to fussy about it because my truck is lettered all the way around including a bullet listing of services on 3 sides. They can figure out what we are doing real quick. I do often have people stop and come and ask about the water fed pole when they see us using it. I think they are inquiring minds and intrigued by something they have not seen before.

Thanks Dwight.
Have you used the sign enough to know if it works?..I’m imaging a big bold sign out of nowhere (to the passersby). Whats more eye-catching…and inexpensive.

Anything that puts your companies name in lights (so to speak) is a good thing! It’s like the old saying goes regarding advertising.

Guess what happens to businesses that do not advertise? Nothing. :frowning:

Both banners & yard signs can come relatively inexpensive. As always you will probably get your best per sign price via volume. As people here and noted previously, the internet is the cheapest place to find printing companies for those type of needs in most cases.

On my carpet cleaning forum this very topic was discussed. In fact, a fellow member linked us to a youtube video where a guy gave us a peek at his creation.

This link generated much dialog and I read many members posts about successful signs such as what you describe.

The key feature was a TAKE ONE with a card box below. Of course binez cards were in the box.

I wuld provide the link but I saw a few on youtube that day. If you have trouble lemme know.

//youtu.be/Carpet Cleaning NJ Montville Street Sign - YouTube

That is the one.

We use yard sugns very religously and will usually add 1 to 2 jobs per week using this technique. I like the door hanger idea. My sign is nowhere near as cool as the biz card idea.

One of the CC’ing guys prefers this method:

his van is signed well too though.

I use yard signs as one of many advertising/branding methods. If you go this route, invest in good steel sign holders. The cheap wire ones will break first time you gotta stick em in anything but sand. I can pound my steel ones with a rubber mallet through an inch of frozen ground in late fall. Two other thoughts:

  1. You will net a couple jobs that you may be able to attribute to your signs, so, as far as direct returns, they are probably worth it.

  2. Signs and any other time a potential customer sees your name, logo, colors, numbers, uniforms, etc. the process of branding is taking place. This process, if done well has several affects. It creates familiarity, it communicates professionalism, it attracts attention during the decision making process, etc. Done to its best it creates the “house hold name” effect. “Mr. Clean” is a great example of this.

So, when advertising, establish your budget and go for the best bang for the buck; best direct return for the investment. But also realize that almost ANY advertising method used well adds to the branding affect. I mention this because sometimes you and the customer will not be able to draw a straight line from a purchase decision to a advertising method. Thjey remember you from ‘somewhere’ and they looked you up in the phone book or on line.

If a customer seems vague about how they heard about you - always ask this question when qualifying a buyer - but they looked your number up on the phone book or on line when they needed your services, it’s proof that your advertising efforts are leading to branding results. Your business images are getting stuck in the potential customers mind adn they initially feel more comfortable calling you, so they are more likely to look you up [I]first[I] when they need services. This is where you want all advertising efforts to lead.


That’s pretty wicked cool.

Great concept. And lots of potential to tweak for various demographics.

Thanks for all the comments ands suggestions all! I am definitely going to try this!

eric: branding is something that I really want to do. Familar color, logo, phrase… thanks for the thoughts.

A Deeper Clean: nice site, thanks!

Living the Dream: Where do you leave your signs?

Does anyone know the laws on yard signs? Can we put them up like people do for election signs?

Each municipality has their own ordinance.

Living the Dream: Where do you leave your signs?
We put them up on each house and most times get permission to leave them for a week never longer. Most customers want to help you become successful, as it is human nature to want to help.

do you go back to pick em up?

Not only do municipalities have specific laws, but individual developments within towns or cities will have their own policies. If working in a subdivision it’s always a good idea to contact the sub president. Say something like, “I’m going to be doing some work - name your work - window cleaning, carpet cleaning, whatever - and I just wanted to be sensitive about your subdivision policies. Can you tell me how to best place yard signs, or are they not allowed at all?” Once they give you an answer, say something like, “Thank you for the information. BTW, I’ll be doing this work on this date at this time and I would like to meet you. If you would like to see the quality of work I do, please stop by.” In the mind of the sub pres. you are now a thoughtful, professional contractor. Good word of mouth advertising.


I got my first account from my mobile sign this week! Sweet. Just letting everyone know that it works!

TY for the update. When this thread came back up today, I thought it was new. I remembered we had chatted about something down this road some time back. I was glad to read through and see: IT WAS that thread.

I sort of skimmed over the majority of threads this time. Can you share what sign it was you used? Maybe even where you placed it?

On a side note, I have a WC’er friend who had is truck wrapped. We talking big time wrap too. THE ENTIRE TRUCK is is now a graphic. Awesome job.

He swears it is the single best investment he has made to date.

You know, it’s just a board about the size of a “for rent” sign. It says, "Window cleaning being done here. Call blah blah blah or take flier. " It has an arrow pointing to the house. I lean it against my back bumper with a flier case right next to it.

Eventually I will make it double-sided and more visible to passersby. Either I will put it standing high in the bed or on the roof of my truck or I will put it on the sidewalk

I plan to have this concept evolve into something that truly capitalizes on such a juicy (as Kevin might say) marketing opportunity.


I have these. I haven’t put them on yet. I worry some jerk will come by and mess with my truck.