I scratched a window with some sort of tint on the outside

I was cleaning these residential Windows and was using the inside window washing system from unger (the first one) just to touch up a spot and it flipped and the back part scratched the tint coating. Anyone run into this before? Anyway to fix that coating? It’s not a gouge.It looks like a watermark.

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You said it was tint on the outside of a window?
Are you sure its a tinted film, tint is normally applied to inside windows.
If its on the outside of a shop in large town/city its probably anti graffiti film, if so that is what its there for to protect the glass from damage, however if it wasn’t there the glass would not have been damaged anyway.
This anti graffiti film gets scuffed up rather easily and I have seen them get to a flaking appearance before being replaced.
In future don’t use the indoor system on any glass with a film on it as there seems to be a potential for damage.
The only way to repair the tint is to replace the whole sheet.

actually might be that rain guard coating. When u look at the glass from an angle it has kind of colorful hue to it. I cleaned another house with those rain guard coated windows and it was new construction so I had to scrape the glass and it did a similar thing not as bad but u could tell there was very like discoloring to the glass because of the coating that’s on it.

It’s not a film it’s a coating

I don’t understand why or how someone would apply a rain guard coating to glass that had not had a construction clean to remove debris, if it is rain guard, give it another coat.

Doesn’t matter what it is if you damage it and the customer notices it you will have to fix it.

Don’t want to sound like a know it all, but I think you are wrong. Once a coating is applied and it has cured it shouldn’t smear when the pad holder touched it.

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No your misunderstanding me. The hard edge of the pad holder scratched it. Pad slipped and flipped and scratched it. Well the windows are Anderson and the have the coating on them when they are installed but they are usually are covered with plastic but the home owner took them off before the house was finished so there was all kinds of crap on them. I am just wondering if there is some kind of coating to cover over it.

Yeah I know I have to fix it.you can see it from the inside. Looks like I missed a spot on the window. It’s the weirdest thing never have ran into this before only thing I could think of is talk to the manufacturer of the window and see what they think

Without pics its just making assumptions there are more types of window coatings these days from the manufactures and many after market products that provide different features whether they be light/UV deflection, to self cleaning coatings to anti graffiti, or a rain coating such as you speak of is generally something like rain X and its just a chemical applied to glass to sheet water off so I doubt this is what your talking about.
If you have scrapped a pane of self cleaning glass, well then you could be in a bit of a pickle.

I actually had an incident similar last year. But it was actual window tint on the outside of the window. When he hit it with the strip washer it just chalked right off and made it look horrible. Even tho the tint wasn’t applied correctly to begin with, I had to fix it. $300.

Oh, and the customer was a lawyer. Although, I won’t be returning there. I already let him know that he was sticking me and he knew it as we called the window manufacturer and they said the tint was installed wrong and actually voided their warranty, and the tint company I hired said the tint was wrong. Both companies said I shouldn’t be held at fault. But it wasn’t worth the effort, bad reviews or fighting a small claims court case, which would have come for sure.

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That sucks if it’s some coating you might have to call your insurance depending on the the replacement cost.

Yeah I have liability insurance. These coatings though are a pain! I think they make it harder to get the windows clean. At least ones I’ve dealt with.

Ouch! Yeah that’s so stressful when something like that happens.

It’s a titanium oxide coating. it’s applied during the manufacturing process. it’s not a film, it’s a molecular layer that’s fused to glass. it’s the “self-cleaning glass” that @Steve076 is talking about.

you could try a tiny bit of bar keeper’s friend mixed with water to make a slurry, and see if you can polish it out. i would try a test area first, somewhere inconspicuous, if possible. unfortunately, i think you’re pretty much out of luck.

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Are we talking about the unger kit with the Y adapter? If so once scratched a skylights inside with it. Since then we have never had two pads on at one time. Just one and we change the pad during cleaning.

Yes! That’s what the owner said they were! Thanks for the tip I’ll see what happens

No just the single one. The pad was too dry and it just dragged and flipped and the backside scratched it.

Unfortunately, liability insurance probably won’t cover it unless you have a specific type of insurance. Liability only covers damage to things you are not working on like when we had a ladder fall and demolish a customer’s glass patio set. However, there is one other scenerio to consider as I have experienced this twice. It’s possible that what’s on the outside is actually a low-e coating and the window was assembled backwards. I badly scratched a couple of windows like that before. Both times the MFG of the window accepted responsibility. Check in to it.

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This is what covers you when working on the “glass.”

‘Care, Custody and Control endorsement’