I'm Gonna Hate On How You Clean Windows

I normally stay away from the normal shop talk stuff… to be honest, it makes me yawn 99% of the time.
This time I’ve got a comment to make and I know I am going to speak blasphemy and probably even get some of my well respected friends on here going after me… that’s ok, I can take it…

It’s been slow on the threads this winter and I have fallen into watching a lot of these guys cleaning storefront windows on YouTube…

and I have to say… I’m laughing at the way you guys clean windows.

Am I the only one who think all that S-Curve crap is inefficient as hell?

The time it takes these guys to clean with or with out a pole… I could have that window cleaned and detailed with straight pulls or side to side pulls in half the time. Especially with side to side pulls… You have less detailing and it goes atleast 2x faster.

There was a Youtube video of a window cleaner about 6-7 years ago (I cant find it) where he tested which method was fastest and left less detailing. The results showed that side to side cleaning was hands down the best overall.

I mean I will give all you guys style points… too bad you can’t convert them to $$$


All right where’s that guy with the popcorn I need some
Style wars!!!


Oh this is going to be good


How do you make a video of me making money.
I’m not a video guy but maybe a pic


Please, I make 100k just doing storefronts. All my speaking fees are just gravy. Not to mention when I’m on main stage at Ultra music festival.



Didn’t @danwagner make that video for WCR? I know every time I search for it I can’t find it, but every once in a while it pops up on my recommended list.

I experimented with wagtails and excelorator for a while. I agree @Kyle a lot of it has style points, but I feel we’re faster with the straight pulls. I have limited my use of those tools with a pole down to two commercial jobs that make absolute sense in using them.


Imo there are so many factors it’s hard to definitively say one method is always faster than the other. And any time there’s a comparison video someone inevitably says, “but yeah that guy just prefers method x, that’s why he could do it faster.” Personally, my aim is to excel at both and then use whichever i feel is most appropriate to the situation. I’m not biased to any technique, i just want to get the job done well as quickly as possible and make money.

Here’s an idea: how about at this year’s big convention everyone puts their money where the mouth is in a friendly competition? :grinning:


I will gladly bore you and destroy you all with my side to side pulls :joy:


You can go to a “big” convention, but everyone will be at the “HUGE” convention… I just don’t want you to feel lost buddy :wink:


@JaredAI oh no you didnt


Maybe it won’t be as big anymore after…[quote=“Kyle, post:9, topic:41191”]
I will gladly bore you and destroy you all


I’m really starting to like this guy. I haven’t watched any of his videos in full (jump skip though them - jazz hands). Don’t really care what he says… it’s just fun to watch negative reactions.

Like watching the entire french air force crash into a fireworks factory.


Glad to see I’m not the only one that does the same thing… God Bless you Eric Bland

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Lol…Thing is if @Kyle there that’s when the fun starts happening… :slight_smile:

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Hope to see Eric Bland displaying his window cleaning, gardening, and keynote speaking chops at the 2017 Huge Convention as a featured presenter.

I have a YouTube window cleaning playlist so I found it

On methods?
keep it simple stupid

Kyle is kinda right but not exactly IMO


How come the winners of the speed contest at the IWCA convention ALWAYS fan the window?


I don’t think Kyle knows how to fan “properly”. Could be wrong but I don’t think I am.