Infinity-Cleaning-Mobile 3.0, aka Truck Norris

Delivered this afternoon. Not 100% set on a name yet. Probably will do my build thread over on PWR, as I’m transitioning into more pw’ing, and this build will be centered around that service. Edit: here it is:

4-slice will go up for sale after the new year. Still not 100% put together, but would make someone a killer window cleaning rig.


Congrats, looking forward to the build. I am hoping to do one myself this winter. I always enjoy the thought you put into your work trucks

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How much for 4 slice?

Not quite sure yet. I’m thinking around $8k. But I’m open to all offers

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My build thread on PWR:

Put it in a large envelope and send it to me :wink:

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And big congratulations on the new truck, I’d love to see some skids and burnouts before you put the green logo on the side. Gotta make the most of the anonymity while you can!

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Haha, thanks man! If it was a manual, and beyond its break-in period, then I’d totally be doing some sick burnouts. Thing has some serious juice for a v6 :smiling_imp:

Oh, and I’m open to other ideas for the name of this new truck. You’ve got a knack for naming them :wink:

it’s a v6, huh…

Perhaps your wife could get you two of these for Christmas, then you can enjoy your burnouts. Don’t let the auto hold you back muahaha


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Nice !!! Congrats! Is that a Toyota ?

So your thinking about putting a flat bed i there.

I’m going going to be looking into buying a flat bed soon also. Can’t wait to see what you do.

Gong to call you soon like to ask you some questions :+1:

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I don’t know what that is, and I’m afraid to ask…

Yep. 2019 Tacoma. Feel free to call me. I’ve probably got more questions than answers at this point, though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Nice love the Toyota’s. I was thinking all along a Ford F-350-450, but after seeing the idea of being able to put a flatbed on a pick up truck I’m liking the idea. The Ford flatbeds are so expensive, an hard to find.
What’s the biggest bed they sell ? An you would have a shop do it correct ?
BTW I’m shocked you went brand new :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Nothing bad mate, it’s just a brake hose clamp. Used just like pinching your wfp hose, it stops brake fluid travelling to the rear brakes. so when you stand on the brake pedal and accelerator, apply only the front brakes work and you can do sweet burnouts


Ah, gotcha. These newfangled vehicles will limit power while the brakes are applied, so I probably wouldn’t get the sweet burnouts I’m looking for. But a neat trick for an older vehicle.

I’m looking at installing an Aluma 68” x 87” bed. I can get one locally for around $1800. They’re not as fancy as those CM beds, but way more affordable, and adequate for my needs.

Installation I’m thinking will run $750-$1000 including removing the stock bed. I’ll see if one of my former-mechanic friends will help me with a DIY install, but I’m not counting on that. Word on the street is that the fuel filler can be the most problematic part of the install :man_shrugging:

I’ll most likely be getting some custom fabrication done, regardless. I want a couple underbody boxes, a ladder rack, and possibly some fold down sides if they’re not crazy expensive.

I’m still in a bit of disbelief myself, going brand new. But after reading what everyone had to say in my ICM 2.0 thread about the outrageous resale value on Tacomas, and then hearing it first hand from a good friend who bought one used, and promptly traded in for brand new after discovering metal shavings in the oil…

Add to that, Uncle Sam is picking up 1/3 of the tab in the form of a Sec179 deduction for TY 2018 - we’ll be heading into winter with an extra $10k in the bank and a sweet work truck.


Names for it? Yoda? 6 shooter? Stormtrooper? Taco? Idk badass truck congrats bro! :sunglasses:

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Alex why are you moving away from a trailer.
If you don’t mind towing why not stay with a trailer for your power washing , an just keep your your new pick up For ,window cleaning, Snow blowing , an keeping stuff back there ?

I love the flat bed idea , but for someone who doesn’t mind towing a trailer that’s the way to go. JMO!!!

I do mind towing. I mind turning it around (or backing out) at the end of a tight 1/2 mile driveway. I mind parking it. I mind the space it takes up on our small lot at home. I mind not having my PW equipment with me when I get to a WC job and see they could really use a housewash.

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Yep, window cleaning customer today asked me to clean a couple retaining walls and sidewalks. Now I have to go back in two weeks because the PW trailer was at home.


Congrats on the new vehicle.
I personally just purchased a flatbed trailer for power washing/soft washing. I still like the idea of a trailer for PW and windows in the vehicle.

Here a few pics of my trailer, it is very basic still running a direct drive, no buffer tank, in January will be upgrading to a gear driven 5.5GPM 3500psi pump that should only run at 2500psi until I upgrade to a larger engine. Will put a 300L buffer tank over the axel.

Good luck with the build. :smile:

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