Infinity-Cleaning-Mobile 2.0

Picking up this beaut on Friday. The excitement/anticipation is killing me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Congrats bro! Are you still keeping your old one?

I need a new truck also , but my 2001 Tacoma Is still running strong .

Is that new or pre owned ?

Congrats Alex! Im looking forward to see the finished product!

It’s a 2013.

We’ll probably be keeping the old one just long enough to get the new set up the way I really want it.

Nice congrats , but it’s missing something


Thanks for the reminder. It’ll definitely be getting some upgrades :wink:

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Always, always pre-owned for us. I just can’t justify taking that hit on depreciation for the sake of ‘convenience’. In this case, I’m getting a 3 year old car for well under 1/2 of its original MSRP.


And it’s funny that it seems all the people who are advocates of buying brand new, (due to manufacture’s warranties or supposed reliability) are the ones that get stuck with lemons.

Out of all my friends who only buy used, they don’t seem to be making nearly as many trips to the mechanic as the new car owners, lol.

I went with a new Tundra as opposed to a used one. I was looking for 2007-2012, but they hold on to their values here in Colorado. Didn’t make sense to pay 30-35k for a truck with 60-80k miles in it.

I also went with Toyota for their reliability. I have a Ford dealership that I clean. I overheard the service writer say to a customer: “I would go with the extended warranty, because with all the new tech features; more things could fail.”

Get some spinners with squeegees on them.


Me also . I got a great hook up at a Toyota dealer and it doesn’t make sense to buy used when I can get new for almost the same price.


Sorry for my soapbox rant earlier. I didn’t mean to imply that there’s never a situation where buying new makes sense. I was mostly thinking in terms of personal vehicles. Personal vehicles are not an investment. They’re a liability. A necessary evil for most. And there are plentiful choices of reliable, lightly used vehicles that have depreciated considerably from the stealership sticker price.

I bought my pressure washer brand new. It’s an expensive piece of equipment that will depreciate. But it’s an investment. And there were basically no options in my area for a lightly used machine at a reasonable cost compared to new. It sounds like the same factors apply to work trucks for many guys.


It’s all good my brother. I can’t want to see the pic/video of your setup.

I don’t know how I’m gonna sleep tonight, lol!

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Nice ride Alex! My Nissan Cube has been treating me well, and the look of a boxy ride somehow looks clean with ladders on it. My Yakima rack system doesn’t seem to like ladders, but hasn’t posed any serious problems yet. What have you been using on your previous Scions rack wise?

I have an inno base rack on our '05. It’s been adequate, but I think I’d like to do something a little more ‘contractor grade’ for the new one.But I’m cringing at the idea of drilling holes in the roof :anguished:

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I had a company put tracks on my m3 so that the bars could be adjusted to whatever distance I wanted. No leaks, and no problems. I may do the same with the Cube, but already bought the ones that hook under the door recess.