Insurance woes

So I’m having some issues finding insurance that will work for me, without it being astronomically expensive. The best quote I got so far was 480$/yr, but it has a height limit of 15’… It covers all other bases with that one exception, which is a big exception obviously. I’m not running a WFP setup, just strictly squeegee, so I need a height restriction of at least 25’. Literally every other insurance quote I’ve gotten has been at minimum 1400$/yr or more. Anyone have any ideas as to why it’s become so difficult to get affordable insurance?

$1400 per year sounds reasonable to me? That’s only $116 per month


I have mine through Insuron as my agent, my carrier is United States Liability Insurance, 50 ft limit or 4 stories, around 550 a year for me and a blanket for another person. Its just general sepefically for window cleaning though it does allow for some basic janitorial.


Jewbacca, not sure where you are located but I use this agent, and have turned 4 other WW onto him as well. So far nothing but good service and great prices.


I’m located in Western Washington State, but not Seattle. I would have to disagree about 1400/yr being a decent price considering most threads on here have people claiming to be paying less than 600/yr as a one person operation, and somehow have at least a 3 story height clause. So for me to be quoted over double that, with a 15’ restriction, just doesn’t make sense. Mind you, this is also with bare minimum limits, this isn’t some 5 million dollar policy that includes vehicle and tool coverage. This is simply 1M general liability, with no vehicle or tool coverage, and I just can’t seem to get a company who covers me for over 15’, or who doesn’t want to rip my wallet open.

Get ego set up or do them from inside

Wfp set up

The problem is there are going to be Windows where wfp, or doing them from inside, isn’t possible, regardless, I shouldn’t have to tailor the way I wash Windows to fit an insurance policy when I know for a fact that there are companies that will cover more than 15’ without charging an arm and a leg. For some reason though, they just seem to want to kill me on the premiums.

Have you checked with progressive?

I have tried, but I can never get a hold of anyone when I call, insurance companies have wierd hours.

I pay $280 a year for a basic accident/liability policy of 1 million.


That’s what I’m talking about. How is it y’all are getting insurance for so little, yet every quote I get is outrageous?

Go online and get a progressive business quote… once you get it all set for the general liability at 1mil/2mil/2mil. And pay roughly $400-$700 call them and explains any variables. They cover up to 29’ for basic, they claime a CCC ENDORSEMENT but it’s worded weird. Lol anyway it’s simple.

I’ll say this:
In my personal experience, you need a 3 way policy. General liability (someone trips over your WFP hose, etc), a Care Custody, control rider (you break a neon sign in the window), and a inland marine policy (covers your tools and equipment).

I got my insurance (business) though the same company I carry my life, auto, and toy insurance. Farm Beaureu.

Ya better see what they cover an what The fine print says. You be better with no Insurance than these cheap insurance places.

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I can go up to 240’ for 3400$

What they mean by 15ft is you being 15’ off the ground. If your waterfeding from the ground you didnt leave 15’

I totally understand that, but here’s the thing. I don’t have a wfp. I live in an area where most people either don’t understand, or don’t want to understand, how a wfp actually works, so they want rubber on glass. However, as an update I was able to get 30’ insurance through progressive for less than 600/yr. Already having them as my home and auto insurance gave me a nice discount. So that’s it! I am officially open for business.


You’re very welcome ! I’m glad I could help out. I have recently transferred my business truck to business insurance with them.

Yeah i understand you there i barely use my pole for the same reasons. It sucks when you set up a clean then someone comes out trying to politic how you are cleaning it then you end up not making the desired money you first thought you were making. One cool thing you can try is if you have a second guy and he waterfeds a few really high or hard to reach windows and then have him squeegee it off w a pole so the customers see what you all are doing and you slowly work your way into using it.
Another thing you can do is try to get a few new accounts and give them a low price for 10x or 12 cleans per year using waterfed only? Make up a flyer of a guy using it and say " spot free rinse similar to a car wash" then customers will understand.