Interior window cleaning

Hey all, new here and trying to learn the trade. I’ve been practicing on my own home before I start my business.

I’ve got the exterior going fairly well, however on the interior I seem to be ending up with streaks.

What I did was put some of my detergent mixture in a spray bottle and spray the window, then scrub with a microfiber and then dry with a different microfiber.

Is there another method I should try?

Are you using a squeegee inside?


Give this a try. S

There are more videos on how to squeegee glass, but that will get you started.

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No. Just the micro fibers. Is squeegee inside a better way to do it?


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Sweet thanks for the vid. I just didn’t realize it was common practice to use a scrubber and squeegee inside, I thought that might introduce too much water to get all over the sills and what it inside.

Cool, as said in my reply to the other gent, I just didn’t realize it was common practice to scrub and squeegee inside as well.

I put large towels down to catch any solution and use less solution inside by wringing out the scrubber to avoid too much of a mess.


Have you ever used an indoor WFP system? Curious if they are worth the money


Josh you need to learn to use a squeegee. It’s the most basic tool you will use.

Have you thought about working for an established Window cleaning company in your area to learn the field technique you need.

If your going to do this as a business this is a great time to learn back office, marketing etc (the most important stuff in my opinion)

The tools and technique to use them is the simple part.

There rest of it the harder part.


I use the Unger Stingray for hard to reach indoor and the Unger Indoor Kit.

Heres an entire series from @Trad-Man :slight_smile:


Just checked out the unger indoor kit. How does that compare to standard applicator and squeegee?

In situations where you don’t want to have dripping as an issue it comes in quite handy. I often use Sprayway with it. As with every tool there is a learning curve to it.


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Welcome to the forum Josh. I too am new to this as a business and am just getting started. However, I have thirty years cleaning experience in the cleaning business. I am going to give some input here to help you get started at home.
Use solution with 0000 (Quadruple ott) Steel Wool. Spray glass a little. Work glass with steel wool. Wipe with towel. Spray glass again, just a light mist. Wipe with second clean towel until dry. Bam! Beauty! Edit Addition: Hey Josh, the smearing is probably laundry soap and dryer sheet film on towels. Don’t use dryer sheets or fabric softener on window towels. I buy CHEAP used towels, big and small at Thrift Stores.

Buy a cheap window “mop” and squeegee to learn with. If you have money, get a commercial 12 inch Ettore or Unger squeegee. Practice, watch videos, practice some more. Now, if your are going to start a business, live on this web site and read. Use the search engine above to find topics of interest using keywords like: door hanger/ WFP/ Window cleaning solution etc. There are 10 years of topics on here in those archives. I have studied this web site now for 6 months. One person says they have read a gobb posts on here. The pros will help you get started but you gotta do the leg work, home work, and learning curve window work. If you work for someone else you will get trained and make some money. But when you leave they may have you under a no compete clause so you can’t start a business in your/ their area. Also, I use store bought products. They are all great for “wiping” windows. I use cotton towels; they absorb, but can leave lint, because glass is rough, not smooth. You can use lint free cloths on a second pass like micro fiber towels, damp glass towel or blue “huck” towels. Practice with juices on mirrors, but don’t use steel wool on mirrors. Have some fun and go make some money. This is edited. Thanks pros! :slightly_smiling_face:

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It does not compare, it is a tool that lazy people who cant use a squeegee use. :wink:
Nah just messing, but kinda. They are something you may use on relatively clean hard to reach glass, although I’m sure there are people who swear by them.
If you are trying to replace the squeegee all together I would say that is not the best path.
Using a squeegee is quick and efficient once you learn how to use one.


He’s new and doesn’t know how to squeegee yet. An indoor kit isn’t lazy, it takes practice, just like squeegee’n does. :wink:

Steve, I wish I could of liked that post a few times.

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For new guys I’d recommend practicing one technique and getting it down before trying two at the same time.