IPC Eagle HydroTube

This might be just what I need. I really like the light weight and that you can lay it on it side unlike a DI but I have a few questions.

How much longer will it last vs a 1 cubic DI? I know it says I can only run one pole but If added a Y connect could I run two? We did this last year with our DI and it worked fine? When it came time to change cartridges would I only have to change 1 or would I have to change all 3. Thanks

IPC Eagle HydroTube There are 4 cartridges (1 sediment, 1 carbon, 1 RO, and 1 DI). The first two might need changed 2 times a year depending on chlorine content and how much sediment you are filtering. The RO will most likely last a few years if you keep the first 2 changed regularly and back flush after each use. The DI will vary depending on what the RO is able to reduce the TDS to at each job site so it’s difficult to give an estimate on that.
As for 2 poles - there’s a difference between RO/DI and just a DI tank. A DI tank uses all the water fed thru it but in a RO some of the water is rejected by the RO as part of the process so you have less volume to use.

So what are the pros and cons for this product.

It’s the cheapest way to get into a RO/DI system. If your TDS is over 100 you will definitely get more gallons of pure water than DI and the higher your TDS the faster the payback will be over just a DI tank. Storage and portability are also huge pros over a DI tank. As you pointed out it can be laid down during transport and when at the job simply roll it up to the client’s tap hook it up and you’re making pure water.
As far as cons - it is more expensive than buying just a DI tank. Also if you could run 2 poles off the tank this system says it’s for one. I know w/ the RHG caddy you can buy a simple electric pump that will allow you to run 2 poles so maybe you could w/ this system maybe that’s a possibility as well.

I saw this unit down in Tampa last month. I spent about and hour and half with eagle rep. Ive been looking for 2 years for a system that suited my needs(including price). I was sold on this. Its light, easy to use…fairly inexpensive. Like Tony said( and the rep) flush it and get upward of 4 years on membrane(depending on water of course). If I rememebered correctly…the DI was in the top and fairly small. When they are no good you toss them. replacements come in pairs and cost about $80

I did some checking and it’s not a 4 filter system it’s just 3 (sorry for the wrong info). The RO is the majority of the tube which makes the DI very small. I also see no way to back flush this system which will reduce the life of the RO.

It backflushes It has a hose with valve

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Another pro is it has 40 inches of RO surface which will give you better filtering and flow. It is the lightest system at 28 lbs and has a handle and wheels. The only thing is it will need a booster pump for low psi jobs

John Lee Window Cleaning
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Thanks John I couldn’t see it in any video or pic.

I ordered one from WCR on Tuesday. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

We are really excited to be offering the Hydro Tube to our customers because it is a great product at an affordable price. I would recommend it to anyone who uses water fed poles on 1 and 2 store homes or buildings. I too had my hands on one in Tampa and I was very impressed with the simple design, mobility and weight. Anyone who invests in this system will not be let down.

If anyone has any questions that were not answered in this thread, feel free to call me any time.

My Hydro tube came today and I’m using it tomorrow morning for a nice big house full of cut ups I’ve had to do by hand in the past. Outside only this time, so I’m looking to knock that bad boy out quick. This is my first RO/DI system, so I’m pretty excited. Let you all know how it comes out.

Which pole and brush are you going to use?


So, day one with the Hydro Tube went well. The outside only job I mentioned usually takes me a little over two hours because of all the cut ups. Today I shed about 45 minutes off and that was with me still trying to get my set up method down. I’m sure once I become more comfortable with where to place it, which hoses I’ll need, etc. I’ll be able to cut even more time off my job.

The customer came out and watched me clean with the pole and seemed pretty interested as I explained to him all the advantages of pure water technology. His reply, while in a joking manner, but still semi-serious was " Well, since it takes you less time to do the job doesn’t that mean my price goes down?"

I just laughed a bit but thought to myself: “HELL NO!”

Had my first “issue” today with the Hydro Tube…sorta. Cleaned a large retirement/nursing home and got very little water pressure out of my pole. The water was coming out strong from the outlet, but once it went through the Tube, it came out very weak. The directions state to place the Tube near the water source, which I did, but this didn’t seem to make much of an improvement.

Not sure if this was the Hydro Tube’s “fault” or if I would have gotten the same results from any non-electric cart due to the sites water pressure.

You can use one of these to boost pressure - Ace 1/2 HP Electric Utility Pump (Pc4) - Utility Pumps - Ace Hardware for those times the tap pressure is to low.

We will have the IPC recommended pump in the store by days end. I’ll link it to this thread when its live.


That is one of the challenges of a RO membrane. They need lots of pressure to work. For those jobs were the tap water is low, like a well or old house were the pipes are filled with deposits, you should invest in a backpack and carry 5 gallons of water that you make a home. This way you get started on the job with the backpack, while you are working hook up your membrane and be filling another 5 gallon container
You can get a backpack from Harbor Frieght or Northern tools for 100 bucks.

My aforementioned problem might have been the beginning of a much bigger issue. Holy hell am I frustrated. So, this morning I’m set to finish the retirement home and I notice I’m getting even lower pressure than the day before. Shortly thereafter, I see some black and yellow tiny beads coming out of my pole onto the glass. At first I thought it was dirt and sand, but quickly realized it wasn’t cause it was “in” the water. It was coming up my hose out of the Hydro Tube and backing up at the brush. I unhook the tubes at the head of the brush and gobs of this stuff comes pouring out. Best way to describe it would be a black slushy. Total freak out mode now.

The only thing I can see that I was doing differently today than yesterday was that I had placed my Tube at an angle on the side of a hill, and not level. Had a filter broke? Was this resin membrane running up the tube because it was on a hill? I had no idea. I called Ray at IPC and explained to him what was going on. Long story short, he couldn’t really understand why or what was happening. Maybe it was a manufacturing malfunction and a filter needed to be replaced.

Anyway, I leveled my Hydro Tube, have to actually suck this black slush of the the hoses with my mouth(gross), hand checked the TDS (about 006) and finished the last side of the building. No more of the slush came out, but the windows came out very poorly. Major spotting all over. Went to check the rest of the building from yesterdays work, same thing. Spotting everywhere.

End result- I got my ass kicked, embarrassed myself as a professional and need to remedy this situation quickly… Maybe I did something wrong, not sure. Will get back on the horn with IPC tomorrow, so hopefully I can bring better news and a happy ending.