Iphone 4.0

Just watched the wwdc event. Pretty sick… Damm apple make me want to buy everything they want to put out.

I’m just glad I’m not the only nerd on these boards, I have to admit… I’m a serious tech junkie. I hate how restricted apple keeps their software, but their products are quality.

Thats funny I just posted a thread about the new iPhone and when it posted- yours was there first- you beat me to the punch:D They are sweet aint they!!


funny - you know, I am glad they keep it locked down (even though I jail broke mine). Android is really really good. I have played with many of them Nexus one, HTC, Droid, Most of them really… Although they are good… they really dont deliver the seamless experience that apple does. I think the incredible is going to come close, but wont make me switch.

I dont know what it would take to make me switch from Apple- but I don’t think it will happen anytime soon. I’m quite happy with my iMac and iPhones. But I do want the new one now.


I have the original and cant wait till June 24th to get iphone4.0

Speaking of that, I still have the OG 2g iphone, I need to throw that bad boy up on craigslist!

See this part

Steve Jobs Let Down Jason Calacanis Today (or How to Not F*ckup Your Presentation) | Websterism - Big Ideas. Small Budgets.

Iphone gets no reception during the event presentation… Man I bet 20 + people will lose there jobs over that.

Haha…Verizon!- that was funny. Yeah I bet there are a few former Apple employees who are spending today updating their resumes.


Ok if you have some kids in the room, tell them to leave. There are some bad words but this is funny.

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Does anyone have an apple Iphone 4 yet? Do you like all the features?

I am completely lost as to which phone to get but the new Iphone does look tempting!

I am recent convert to the mac products and I have never been so excited about technology as I am now. I recently bought a Macbook pro (and a software that allows me to run BOTH windows 7 and OS X on the same machine) and an iPhone 4. The downside is that I practically live in the forums to see what kind of cool apps and downloads that are available to make my life easier. The cool thing about apple is that they seem committed to producing the best products and the sky is the limit. I went with the iPhone over the droid because of the potential (the Droid and other similar smart phones to come were just an answer to the crushing blow that Apple delivered to the market and cant compete with the original…IMO) and because of the seamless integration of all my other computer stuff.

I also purchased the Logmein Ignition app ($30) and now I can access my computer (the windows side and mac side) from my iPhone 4, while in the field. I use quickbooks and I can access customer records, send invoices and everything else I can do on the PC, from my iPhone. It’s pretty tasty if you ask me :slight_smile:

Best phone ever… IMHO

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my '4 is coming in tomorrow, but I’ve got the 3g now- and it’s amazing what I can do with that, even without the data plan (don’t ask me how- I was too cheap for the 30/mo data package at the time, lol)

I probably won’t be using the FaceTime thing much (except when my girlfriend wants to use it as a mirror :wink: ), but I am looking forward to the faster processor and all the other goodies.

Man that was the funniest **** I’ve seen in a long time…now I wanna an iBrick…the white one too!!!


First let me say that I really liked my Droid Incredible. That was until it started to not show some of my reoccurring appointments, I had to edit all the appointments for them to show again. Then one morning I woke up and ALL my appointments were gone from the phone, every last one! Strange. They were still on Outlook and still on my Google Calendar. Any way, enough was enough.

I have only been using the iPhone for a few days and what an upgrade. I am hooked.


There are 4 kinds of cell phone owners in the world…

#1: iPhone owners

#2: Those who wish they were iPhone owners

#3: Former Droid owners who are now part of group #1

#4: Droid owners who can’t get an iPhone, so they loudly proclaim that iPhones suck and Droids rock (they usually own PCs too) :wink:

The only thing I hate about it is the firmware issue with Bluetooth. I can’t wait till the 5 comes out for that reason alone.

What issue is that David? I had a sweet Bluetooth stereo setup but returned it because it was uncomfortable after an hour or so and it made me look like a bigger geek than I really am…

But I didn’t use it long enough to notice a firmware problem.

Constant disconnecting, usually have to reboot for it to pair, sometimes it will go for a few days, sometimes I want to throw it out the window. it blows if you use an earpiece… https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2498329?start=360&tstart=0