Is there anything wrong with my technique?

I have never been trained by anyone and hence don’t know what mistakes Im making. Anything wrong with my technique?


Not really, no drips?

Looks good just a bit rookie looking lol.

You’ll get better with time


“Wrong” not necessarily, skip to about 20 seconds into this video, that’s how I suggest doors get done. Otherwise, keep at it man👍🏿

Not bad. Keep it smooth and easy. Over time you’ll be able to get more water off per swipe which will reduce the amount of fans you have to do. You’ll also learn how to treat each window differently depending on shape. Some of them you start low, others start high, but all this sort of stuff just takes time. For now, it looks like a good solid starter technique.


Only thing wrong I see is a wide body channel cleaning residential glass.

Get a brass ettore backflip or the unger s squeegees… if you’re going to be cleaning residential glass more often.

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Can you explain the difference?

wow that would be a game changer. Thanks.

What size backflip do you use for residential?

Which types of windows do you start low on?

Some people do use widebody channels for residential, but I never liked them. For me the benefit of widebody is less flex in larger (24"+) channels and would be good for route work. I personally like stainless channels because I always bent the brass but then again I’m probably just a gorilla.

Don’t worry about how/where to start. As you do more and more windows you won’t even need to think about where to start or how to close. But for now, focus on a single smooth technique, a single close point, and get the muscle memory. If you take it easy and work on being smooth, then speed will automatically come. That’s what a lot of people miss when trying to be fast so don’t rush it.

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I think you will get more fluidity in
your wrist if you move your thumb to the side.

Great job, man! You are getting the idea! :slight_smile:
I agree with Jared (even if I never really like him much)

Keep in mind how to use the length of the squeegee to clear more water, and dont get caught up in the "reverse U action…

Too many people I see doing 36 swipes, back and forth, covering about 1 inch per swipe, when only a few might be necessary.


Lol :joy:. New Mexico guys … they have that way about them.

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Agreed … I hate being technical , but if he’s asking for opinions , this is a good one.

All that fanning back and forth is wasting time and going to injure your wrist. It’s completely unnecessary. That big door window should take like 4 seconds to squeegee. Wipe all the frames before you squeegee to remove most of the water from the edges. Start at the left side, go up to the corner, all the way across the top, down the right side to the bottom, cut in, back up to the left where you started, and down the left side to the bottom. Wipe the frames again with a dry rag, done.

In this video I am demonstrating on this weird mirror thing in my house because I don’t have any real windows, just jalousies. I am going very slow. But this motion is the way. If the window is too wide to get the last downward pull in one shot, then you go straight down the right side without cutting in at the bottom until you cut it down to size.

You don’t need to worry about drips from the top if you wipe with a wet rag first, then touch up with a dry rag. Rags are cheap, rubbers are expensive.

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Really, $5 for a rubber that might last 2 weeks or longer so 10 + days X $500+ per day for $5 seems cheap to me

My point was it’s better to remove water from edges and frames with a rag, vs tearing up a rubber. My first boss was a real penny pincher. We had to practically beg for new rubbers. He would look at the one we had in and tell us to keep using it if it wasn’t like completely ragged. I guess that thinking just stuck with me over the years.

That was impressive, my friend… :slight_smile:

  • holding the camera (phone)
  • working your example on a mirror no less
  • showing a genuine intention to help (not thought out/pre-recorded)

Im not kidding, good job, man!!

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Cost aside…
You dont change your rubber for two weeks?!?

Damn, my (previously high) opinion of you is slipping, man…

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No i change my rubbers frequently now that I buy them for myself. It was my old boss from like 10 years ago that was miserly with rubbers.

Edit-Sorry I see you weren’t replying to me there.

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