June Numbers

June 08 = 7.4% increase in gross revenue over same period last year
Residential window cleaning down -13.6%
Commercial W/C up +42.3%
Power washing up +66.3%
NCCU down -100%
Gutter cleaning up +550% (includes Rain Flow sales)

Year to date = +4.6% increase in gross revenue and +2.1% increase in net profit.

Evidentially, I am not experiencing any of the recession? But then again I am not an economist (or a liberal democrat running for office), so I may be miserable and broke but just don’t know it?

Anyone else wanna share?

Great breakdown Steve. We are up overall about 9% in the month of June.

We did notice an extreme drop in bookings last week… It was weird this weeks kinda slow as well. I think itll pick up again next week once the 4th is done. The news papers are all doom and gloom around here, the local papers are running around photographing the prices at the pumps. I think this false and or premature panic is having a bad overall effect around here.

I have had a decrease in action this last 2 weeks as well. Time to crank up the marketing machine a notch.

57% Increase in gross sales compared to last June.

58% Increase in gross sales compared to last May.

well, that is an interesting comment. Is it the Liberals that are saying we are in a recession? Good thing the conservative Republicans are here lol

suffice it to say, there are likely many “liberal democrats” on here… and as one… I feel like that was a jab

I know, I am touchy right now. It is that time of the month :smiley:

It was a jab, but not at you. At the liberal Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, who issued a press release on April 24, 2006 saying “Democrats have a commonsense plan to help bring down skyrocketing gas prices.” Gasoline prices have risen 78% since then. It was also a jab at the news media who is falling all over themselves to make people feel miserable about the economy, so we will elect Obama.

Sorry you took offense.

well, we will elect Obama because for 8 years a republican has buried us (half of that term Republicans had total control.)

I do not get into media sound bites as they are ALL twisted.

never bring politics or religion to a forum and expect not to offend… however I can manage to offend without them :slight_smile:

I don’t offend for offense sake alone, but I also don’t expect to be muzzled just because someone doesn’t like my worldview. I enjoy political science , I study history and economics, and would be glad to discuss them with anyone.

For the record, my favorite guy isn’t even running for president anymore, so I am only working hard to stop Obama, not endorse McCain.

Imagine how much higher it would be without the Democrats helping.

Lol. It reminds me of what my dad used to say sometimes. Help me, please don’t help me…

Isn’t Ron Paul closer with his values to Obama than to that nut-case McCain?

The names Ron Paul, Obama, and McCain in the same sentence and the term nut-case get attributed to McCain, now thats funny!

O well I can see this going to the fridge real quick.

Not even close.

My post was a conversation starter – I thought I’d enjoy your retort (as always.)

Soooo… How bout them numbers?

Poll Date Sample Obama (D) McCain (R) Spread
RCP Average 06/16 - 06/30 – 47.6 41.7 Obama +5.9
CNN 06/26 - 06/29 906 RV 50 45 Obama +5.0
Gallup Tracking 06/28 - 06/30 2656 RV 47 42 Obama +5.0
Rasmussen Tracking 06/28 - 06/30 3000 LV 49 44 Obama +5.0
Democracy Corps (D) 06/22 - 06/25 2000 LV 49 45 Obama +4.0
Time 06/19 - 06/25 805 RV 47 43 Obama +4.0
LA Times/Bloomberg 06/19 - 06/23 1115 RV 49 37 Obama +12.0
Franklin & Marshall 06/16 - 06/22 1501 RV 42 36 Obama +6.0

Keep in mind, my people (Mexicans) are breeding our way to the majority and will soon have this country back in our clutches. (It is a long term plan that started when we lost Texas to America. Obviously it is working. Have you seen our numbers?) Oh and my June numbers were down 16% compared to May. Hope it picks up after the 4th.

Viva Tequila!! (It’s how we get your women) :slight_smile:

Im setting up filters unless we can get this back on topic here.

I think you missed the obvious joke that Larry was making. He wasn’t serious.

Ha ha! Now that right there is funny!