Lesson Learned, and now a question

Went back for a second clean today at a small storefront (8 panes and a door). Stopped by 4 weeks ago on an afternoon when I was canvassing an area, and told the owner I could do it for $20 per clean and do it on an every 2 or 4 week basis. He said every 2 weeks would be too much…I took that to mean every 4 weeks. WRONG! Obviously, I should have been more clear and said something like “see you in 4 weeks”, but here is why I’m pissed…his windows were a wreck, and I took great care to make them look good on the first clean. Spent close to an hour…scrubbing with a white pad, wiping all sort’s of gunk from his frames, removing old cobwebs, etc… but figured it would all be worth it on repeat cleans which would take no more that 15 minutes.

My question is, do you typically quote a new customer more for the first clean, or do you just make it VERY CLEAR that your pricing is good for an every x week regular clean, and that you are doing them the favor of a thorough first clean to kick off the relationship?


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Here is what I doo. Quote them more for the first clean

Then say if you maintain them on a monthly basis after I’ll charge you x amount for 2 x a month or x amount for 1x a month.

Same thing happen to me just today. 100 for first clean then if he maintains them 1x a month for 50. He wouldn’t commit to the monthly yet , but in doing the first clean Friday

Btw don’t worry about it … do you think I haven’t done that before. You live an you learn


You aren’t explaining the Preventative Maintenance aspect to him…

“Sure, ‘Mr Fucko’ I can come and clean away your filth, buildup, dead bugs, etc…”
“Or I can offer a service that will prevent that from happening.”
“That’s up to you, and I’m fine either way.”

“If you don’t mind having your customers, who expect a clean environment to shop,
see something other than clean… then I don’t either.”

“But if you want to provide a customer experience, that can pass any ‘white glove test’ you got… then I’m your guy.”

"My expectation is to keep a consistent and reliable schedule on both our parts."
Meaning, when I come in as scheduled, I’d like to keep my end of the agreement.

I’d prefer not to hear "oh, they look good, lets skip this cleaning."
Because when they do “look good”- my reliable/consistent service is the REASON they do.


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Pure gold. I’m using that whether you mind or not dude. Thanks. I’ve been getting the same crap from my fifteen dollar and lower jobs. Does anyone use a service agreement? How to you pitch it if so?


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I tried pitching a few Asian buffets with nasty nasty Windows. No don’t need it we call you. So I tried “If that’s how you clean stuff customers can see…” different mentality obviously.

Where are you from Skipper? Economy pretty bad there still?

I want to get this guy an engraved Mr. Fucko placard. Thanks for the replies. No big deal, not a big customer, and a lesson learned. Onward.

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And a new President … Thank god !!!

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“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This really seems true. And I have a feeling that at least a few businesses around here will be going under soon, thanks (in part) to the poor ski season.

I hope not :scream:

Occasionally, I have a storefront customer tell me something like “Don’t do it regularly. Stop in and ask first and I will decide if I want them cleaned.” I tell them that I don’t offer a ‘stop and ask’ service. I let them decide if they want bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly service. If they want the service less-frequently than that, then I encourage them to call me and I will work them in as my schedule allows, and at a higher price. I try to put the focus on the benefits this provides them. “You don’t need to worry about scheduling the window cleaning. It’s done.”

If a business already has nasty windows, I don’t usually even offer service. They are already demonstrating their priorities.


Just be clear when you’re bidding. For storefronts I’ll try and get them every 2 weeks, offices or lower traffic stores every 4 weeks. I’ll be by every x weeks, but I don’t check in with them. Just start cleaning. If they want you to check in with them you have 2 options:

  1. Raise your price because you’re going to waste gas and time checking in because “Oh, they look alright, let’s do it next time.”

  2. Drop them.

Explain to them, it’s like a reservation at a restaurant: I’ve set aside time in my schedule and gas in my truck to come do your windows. When you tell me no, that’s time and gas I could have used to schedule someone else. If I can’t get you on a schedule, then the time slot will get filled with someone else and I may or may not have time to fit you in.

Regarding Asian owned businesses: good luck. Restaurants are hard to get, nail salons even harder. But you’d better charge a premium for nail salons because nasty.

You better hope so or you’ll get… burned!

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Absolutely! :slightly_smiling:
I was throwing the premise out there so, you/we can make it our own.
(my real world version is a lot more pleasant, but we are peers so I talk different.)

Glad to help, man!


No mr. Fucko? lol

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