Little Giant Ladder 22' - Thoughts

I was looking around on Craigslist and found the following ladder available for sale. Is anybody familiar with this model? Do think this ladder would be a good fit for my new Window Cleaning start-up business? He is asking $200, but I offered him $180 and he said yes. It’s listed for $339 brand new. Barely used it says. What do you think?

I have that exact ladder. That is a good price. but honestly that is not a ladder you want to be lugging around all day. it is very sturdy and stable. but also heavy. It is a nice ladder to have for those unique situations. just not an every day ladder in my opinon

Great ladder.

The Little Giant Extreme salesman was at my Costco a few weeks ago. It took every ounce of will I had to not buy it. I actually think it is perfect for use as an A-frame and I want one eventually for using on stairwells to change out lights and get to awkward windows. But I wouldn’t use it as much as I use my regular extension ladders.

I think we talked about this recently, but its a good ladder to have, just not something you want to lug around, and once fully extended leaning it up on a house its way not balanced and kinda a bear

I agree with Todd. It is a good price, it is very sturdy, it is heavy. I use this ladder everyday. You can reach most 2 story windows with it. It is good for starting up because it is the only ladder you will need for most houses.

It’s handy, but I refer to it as “The Little Man-Killer”, it’s heavy and awkward and not something that you want to lug around.

As your everyday ladder? No, it’s no heavy. As a great ladder for occasional jobs? Yes.

I use 17ft little giants and I rarely use my bigger one. And if you complain that the 17ft is too heavy then maybe investing in a gym would be a good idea :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of the prompt responses. I was considering a collapsible ladder like this because I do not have a ladder rack on my F150 FX4. I’m afraid if I use an extension ladder, it will scratch up the my truck and I really won’t have a secure way of strapping it down. I work on an oil rig, and I’m used to carrying heavy things around anyways. I’m a pretty stout boy so I don’t think this ladder would be too much trouble for me at 42 lbs. I can always get an extension ladder later on if I see this one is giving me too much trouble. At $180, I think this would be a good starter, and a great deal on Craigslist.

Or what about this one? This one is only $99 on Craigslist… I can probably talk him down to $80.
Is this one any better than the 22’ Little Giant. Can I reach your typical 2nd story window with this one?

Do you need a fold up for a particular reason? If not, regular extension ladders sell all day on craigslist… cheaper, lighter, and you won’t mind using it. My first ladder was a Werner multi ladder. It was a great ladder and served its purpose, but a regular extension ladder for everyday use is far more practical. If you don’t need it for space saving reasons, or lack of a truck… pass.

I use mine everyday. I love it.

Well I was considering the collapsible ladder because it fits easily in the back of my F150 FX4. I don’t want to have to lean an extension ladder against the cab of my truck or the bed of my truck. I do not have a ladder rack. I’ve never owned an extension ladder, but I assume it will hang out of the back of my truck or I will have to lean it up again the cab, which I don’t want to do.

You could use a cab pad like this one to carry an extension ladder. I think I’ve seen then at home Depot or maybe even Walmart.
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My first job I arrived with a pillow on the top of my cab so the ladder didn’t damage it. I finished the job and drove straight to the bank then immediately to lowes and bought a cheap ladder rack

I bought a little giant recently. It is a good ladder but it is heavy and awkward to carry. However what a great versatile ladder. It gets you where you need to be for sure. I had to bring my truck in for service one day and was still able to get my little giant in my wifes car and get my work done for the day.

If money is an issue and you can only afford one ladder. Go for it. But you’re gonna be working a lot harder than you need to be until you can afford an extension and/or a step ladder

Now we have 2 of that brand and never had one problem out of em

Thanks for all the info guys… Money really isn’t an issue, but I would still like to keep my start up costs down as much as possible. There are about 100 extension ladders on Craigslist around the Houston area, so that won’t be a problem at later on. I think I’m going start with the Little Giant and upgrade as I see needed. I’m sure after a few jobs, I will be thinking… “Man I should have listened to those guys!”. I just like the Little Giant because it is compact and will fit comfortably in the bed of my truck.

I have a 22-foot Little Giant and a 6-foot step-ladder. Those two are the only ladders I have ever had. Yes, the LG is heavy, but for me the space savings is worth it.

Thanks Tony… That’s exactly what I needed to hear. Sold!!