Little Giant Ladders Inside Homes

Rarely do I like to take my Little Giant inside homes for extension ladder usage as opening it in a smallish foyer area begs for banging it against something while getting it opened up for usage. I generally take along another 16 foot extension and use my ladder stopper in conjunction with it to protect the foyer floor.

Today though I did use my Little Giant in a home for some transoms that were high up in a living room area that had plenty of space and dark colored carpet. I have the ladder mitts on one end to protect the floor and I put the ladder stopper underneath the other end in the step ladder configuration and that worked very nicely.

I love using the Little Giant as it is so versatile and manageable in most instances. It’s just those tight foyer areas that I have found it better to bring in the fiberglass extension to tackle those high up large panes in the foyer.

Also I am finding my lock in mechanisms getting harder to adjust…WD40? Any suggestions?

Dwight Rowe
Jencor Services, LLC
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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]I had a little giant nock off when I first got back into window cleaning. It is a very affordable and versatile ladder, but very heavy and awkward to use.

[B]Have you considered getting a set of sectional ladders[/B]. They are the bomb inside a home. I have a set that go up 24ft. They are all I ever use. Well I do carry and 2ft. step and a 30 ft. WFP.

I use white lithium grease. Just a tiny bit keeps it working smooth and lasts even if ladder gets wet.

Mike: I have considered sectionals and have used them but not owned one yet. For this purpose in the foyers, (which seems common for the standard Ryan Homes home here) I most likely will buy a sectional next year.

Kevin: Where can one buy white lithium grease?

You can get it at any auto parts store.

Does the grease attract dirt?

I use dry film lubricant – it contains no oil or silicone.

By any chance do you store ladder out side ??? This is life time ladder !! I mostlly use a pole but secti

How much window cleaning is going on in Pierre, South Dakota? I have family from your area and have travelled it often. (Was there over July 4th) I love Mitchell & Aberdeen though.

I do keep my Little Giant exposed often in the bed of my truck. That is I’m sure the reason why the locking mechanisms are sticking.

Hi guy !! Winter here !! Roads closed all the way across the state !! Wow!! We’er now on track now 5 days ago! Some areas no juice yet !!high winds did it all !! Last week end 60-70 deg. My fall works is behind again !! We had vise pres here hunting birds. No he didn’t shoot anybody !! Every year somebody get some pellets in the body !! I just do windows and if i want a bird or too i just make a request for them,!! Not as fun ! We have a growth here. Stan,

I just bought my Little Giant at Costco two months ago. At the time of my purchase there was a sales rep from Little Giant giving demos on the ladder. He told me his secret is spraying End Dust on the sliding parts of the ladder never WD-40! I checked the manual for maintenance and this is what I found.

To ensure smooth operation, lubricate the hinge mechanism and lock tab assemblies at least every six months and prior to long term storage. This should be performed more often as use dictates, and under extreme weather conditions. Lubricants may include a silicone spray, a high-performance lubricant, a dry lubricant, “END DUST” white lithium grease and a light machine oil.

I think the problem with grease is it will collect dirt build up over time and that’s what you don’t want.

Sorry so long, I hope this helps answer your question.

Good Information Sickboy & welcome to the WCR forum! :slight_smile:

Dwight Rowe
Jencor Services, LLC
Severn, MD

Whats the best place to get a little giant. I have seen them at HD, on ebay, and at the actually little giant website but I didn’t know where you can get the best deal at.

If you’re okay with a used one, check out craigslist in your area.

I bought mine new on a special at Home Depot. But I have seen a few come across the craigslist site in my area a few times this year that I probably would have bought if I hadn’t already bought mine.

Costco sells a Little Giant® MegaLite™ M17 Type 1A Aluminum Ladder 300# duty rated model for $200. It is lighter than the standard 300# 17’ model. I use it exclusively indoors.

In the past, I have purchased Werner 17’ LG knockoffs at Costco for $80; a Werner 13’ at Lowe’s for $60 (sale); and a Werner 22’ at Lowe’s for $110 (sale.)

I use my Werner LG knockoff inside on high windows all the time. I find it’s much easier to get it into some areas than any extension ladder. I did a house last week where there wer transoms in the bedroom (up about 18ft). There would have been no way to get an extension into that room. The Werner was no problem.

I use 2 LG knock-offs (17’ and 26’) and just love them. (the larger one is quite heavy tho and I glad I only need to use it one to two days a week.

It actually cracks me up sometimes when I arrive at a customers home and they offer to let me use their ladder. I tell them I have a 17’ and 26’ ladder inside my minivan and they look at me in disbelief. LOL

After reading the many responses to this thread here and other places. I have concluded that even though I have mastered the manuevering and placement of the Little Giant in tight spots…it is much safer and easier to pop up a Sectional Ladder in a tight foyer area in a home rather than carefully spreading the LG apart for usage in a tight spot.

I’ve actually done it hundreds of times, it’s just the other day that it dawned on me that there must be a better way to access high ups in close in foyers than the LG.

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Dwight, I notice you changed your signature to include Larry Csonka. I thought you might like to know that Larry’s son Paul, is a good friend of mine here in my neck of the woods.

Paul installs/sells commercial generators and his arms are bigger than my legs. I know few men that size…fewer with as big of hearts as Paul. Awesome guy.

Csonk was a bull of a man in his day. I’m sure today he has shriveled in size as he has to be in his 60’s. I always admired his mentality as a player. He was taking shots at guys even with a football in his hand.

Did his boy play a little ball before getting into the business sector?

I get a similar reaction when I tell them I have a 22 footer in my Mazda3.