Looking for full time job in wc

I am wanting to work for a company full time. I have skills in sales, team training, very efficient window cleaner

What happened to doing it(wc) for your self part time while Detailing fulltime for $25k a year?

I really only like doing window cleaning. It makes me happy to do the window cleaning work. I will pay for my own relocation.

I have all my own tools and rappelling gear.

Best of luck Ben! I would build up my own business if I were you. Why would you want to go from being self-employed to working for someone?

Child support reasons

Good Luck Ben.

Ok. Good luck! I am sure everything will work out for you.

I am interested in living near the Salt Lake City area. Population is over a million. They have great public transportation, including high speed rail. There are plenty of large sky scrapers to clean, amongst smaller ones. I am certified in rope rescue and I have all the necessary equipment to complete a safe drop. I am not the best in drops and would need more training to acquire more certifications. I am a fast and well seasoned window cleaner in the art of cleaning with a squeegee. I have no experience in wfp work, though I would be willing to learn the trade. I just want to clean windows. I would be willing to relocate myself. I will have enough cash to do so in a week.

@wcr can you help me out on this? I mean you are the number one online window cleaning store. I am sure you know some awesome companies.

I would kill to have an extra chairguy, tomorrow… how fast can you get here?!?

Best of luck,though…
Shame to see yo leave you company, but ‘gotta do what you gotta do.’
-I can dig that.

I want to be able to pay for child support, I am so far behind my business license has been revoked. I have learned a great skill in the last 3 years and I would like to make it a career. Pay my child support and create a family if my own. But not in Columbus Georgia, or any other part of Georgia. I want to settle somewhere else.

So you are so far behind that they took away your ability to make money you could have used to catch up? That makes sense.

And in VT, if you’re behind on child support, the court can suspend your driver’s license. You need to drive to get anywhere in this state. Go figure.

Jail in Oklahoma. How are you supposed to make money in jail?

I’m sure they give you plenty of warning and time to make it right, first.

I could drive straight through if I had a vehicle. It would take three days bus greyhound.

Too bad you don’t have a family member or other trusted person willing to legally “own” the company / licenses while you build and run it. Then when things are straight you take over ownership. Just a thought. Sad to see this stuff fall down on you man. But whatever path you take I wish you the best!

The legal system isn’t a justice system. It’s amazing how far removed morals and logic are from written law. Not to say there aren’t beneficial ones, just that the vast majority make my head spin with caffeine-powered oxymorons.

Well everyone one is over looking the point Ben is so far behind on his child support that they took away his biz lic and probably his drive lic so most if not all companys wont hire him, not to mention the child support will be taken out of every check, if he was here or in most states if you don’t pay for [B]“YOUR KIDS”[/B] youre A** gets throw in JAIL.


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