Looking for full time job in wc

Hey Larry I think you post was fine, I feel for Ben situation but he knew after the first few payment he missed he was heading in the wrong direction.

I hope [MENTION=10884]Ben[/MENTION] can turn it around and make it right…

When I needed a job, any job, I popped open the Yellow Pages and called every number until I got one. Didn’t get past the letter “B”. That was despite the recession.

I know it’s not directly applicable, so let me redirect the principle to the circumstance: since you have internet access, look up all the high-rise companies in the states closest to you. Call all of them, if you haven’t already done so.

I’m going to call the high-rise companies here in AZ, let them know an acquaintance of mine needs some work. I know it’s far from Georgia, but they may have friends that work in or own high-rise companies in the Southeast. [MENTION=1736]JfromtheD[/MENTION] will probably beat me to the punch, though.

Sucks you live in a state that makes you get a license. Move to a state that does not require a license unless you are skilled like doctor, plumber, electrician, etc… You register a business name at the county, EIN and all that. Or, bucket Bob it. Sort of doesn’t make sense. Take away a business license so you cannot work the business to make money to pay the support and find a different job.
You are out looking to correct the problem. Others would just say screw it. Now, Ben needs a job. He can go into business later once all is sorted out and catch up on payments. Hang in there Ben. “Pass the knot” and drive on.

Meh, theres too much ‘must keep on topic’ going on these days…
Technically, we have 2 pages of off topic, but otherwise Ben would be talking to himself.

If I were to suddenly start talking in-depth about [B]ball bearings[/B], THEN I would most definitely be off topic.

Nobody in their right mind would come up here, you silly ninja-like numbskull! :smiley:
(Im SO envious of your warm climate, is it too obvious?)

Hold on we are talking about [B]ball bearings[/B]

What kind of bearing grease should I be use for “slip” in my water.

here i wanna say that i am a window clener and have the experience of WC. i used to do the same job with various products used for WC.

[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Arial]"“Get me some gauze pads and 30-weight for that fetzer valve… and clean those windows, they have filth and muck on them!” [/FONT][/COLOR]:stuck_out_tongue:

[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Hey! It’s all ball bearings nowadays.[/FONT][/COLOR]

That is an AWESOMELY perfect response/reference!!! :cool:
You just made my morning!

“[I]Maybe you guys need a refresher course[/I]!”

if it helps, i know in mn from an employees experience, that they can lock you up or take your drivers license, but they wont take or postpone a business license with the state. Ben, i need a good window cleaner until about mid november if your interested. might be a little cold for you up here :wink:

seriously though. If you just want work and are having trouble finding it, we could keep you busy here till about thanksgiving.

Dave nice response…I hope [MENTION=10884]Ben[/MENTION] takes you up on this ^^^^^ I think it would at least get him going in the right direction.

Dave, your girl have another bun in the oven? Maybe I’ll come up for awhile. I’ve never been to Minnesota.


FWIW: There is a company in Columbus, Ohio by the name of “Big Al’s”. They have been advertising off and on since June that they need chair-workers, that they will train the right person. Their CL ad states that it’s Mon-Fri 7ish-5ish year-round.

What is the number?

<nobr>(888) 481-7595</nobr>


That is an AWESOMELY perfect response/reference!!! :cool:
You just made my morning!

“[I]Maybe you guys need a refresher course[/I]!”[/QUOT

I always kid him, I say watcha doin some stunt flying up there or something!

He don’t say Nuthin he just gives me that look

“Big Al’s?” does that name make anyone else nervous?

that’s it! voiced by this guy, if i recall…

Thanks for the number. I called and have submitted my app. Only requirements is that you have your own equipment. Which I do.