Looking for good 10mm or 1/4 id hose UPDATED!


i bought my first set up in spring 2014. i bought what was being promoted here, the reach it mini with the wash it pro altough i bought it through mark strange as i am in canada and at that time wcr did not ship to canada.
it came with 50 of 1/4 id air hose and 60 of 5mm id rhino tube
both of those hoses are still in regular use, the rhino tube is highly flexible in all weather (including well below freezing, it lies flat, kinks easily on demand but retains no memory. it is simply fantastic.

i need those same characteristics in a 10mm or 1/4 in id/

@Chris i can’t find this anywhere! why isn’t it available?

Best hose I’ve ever used and still use as my main 200 foot pole hose… 13 years ago I bought Aquadapter hose from WCR. I’d buy it again but it’s all gone :frowning:

try some pvc spray hose for water, kuriyama brand on amazon

Do you need tubing, or do you need hose?

Tubing is generally measured by outside diameter. You would probably want 3/8” OD tubing to get a 1/4” ID. I bought a hundred feet of polyurethane tubing off Amazon a couple years ago to work with the Reck-iT brush I needed for a particular job. It worked well and was way cheaper than what FoC was offering. Unfortunately the exact hose I bought is no longer available. But searching for 3/8” polyurethane tubing might yield some good results.

If you just need hose with a 1/4” ID, and can deal with a slightly larger OD, then I would go with flexzilla airhose.

I use this Clear Vinyl Tubing Food Grade 8mm Cut
been using the same hose for about 2 years still going well

I bought the rest of it years ago :slight_smile:

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Hi Ken. I think the reason is its not more common is it breaks the mold of the typical fittings everyone uses. We do have a hose coming out by mid-summer, that is what you are requesting.

It will be the same feel as this XERO Hoses | Water Fed Poles Accessories | WCR – WindowCleaner.com

But with a wider inner and outer diameter.


I have this hose on my reel I like it a lot. I use Xero hose for my pole

hi Chris, any further news on this hose?

It is officially in production now. The factory got slightly delayed. We are anticipating having it live on the site by November.


Oops, wrong account.

Pure Water Power (CWC) carried Viper hose-- this is 10mm inner diameter-- vs 8mm on the regular euro hose/tube-- I have done tests, the 10mm flows so much more from a RO/DI system than the 8-- allowing you to run 4 jets/rinsebar no problem…my go to hose, it was called Viper

I would imagine since WCR absorbed CWC, this will be in play soon.

here is a real-time flow test I made a couple years back, timing how much it takes to fill up 1 gallon with the 8mm vs the 10mm.

Tests were done with my city water pressure (I believe it was 55 or 60 psi). I don’t really use a rinse bar anymore, just 4 jets-- but this might help you. Both hoses are good, obviously with a pump it doesn’t matter-- but these tests are without pumps. Venturi effect…large hose to smaller= more pressure, more flow.

hi Chris, any chance this would be ready to ship in the next few days?

The finished product is on a truck on the way to us. So it probably won’t be ready to be on the website for about two weeks.

However, I have some here from our original samples. It’s clear, not neon green, as the final batch will be. I’ll send it to you for free if you pay shipping. If that interests you, please shoot me a PM and include your email address. I’ll have customer service reach out with a way to handle the transaction.


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We have finally released our new XERO High Flow Hose

Strictly for use as pole hose or can I run 200’ from my xero pure.?

Well I would still run the 3/8 from the system TO this hose, that way you still maximize your flow with it, you can though, but it will choke it out a bit. ~Jersey 862-312-2026

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yes, Kind of what I thought.

The new zero high flow hose seems undersized and way overpriced, I’ve been using RX pvc tubing for a few years now, the RX hose has an ID of 8mm vs 6.3mm of the xero and an OD of 11mm but still fits into 10mm push fits and at the end of the day is about $45 AUD for 30m (100’)