Major Heat

Howdy Yawl,

Just reading today about all the major heat in the upper Midwest / N. Dakota down to Texas, over to the Carolina’s and soon pushing or getting worse on the eastern Seaboard.

Just hows the working environment going for everyone subjected to this heat ! I know for a fact those in Nevada/Las Vegas and most of Arizona live like this every Summer and lots of the South West, but yawl in the Midwest are really pushed to the brink, lots of humidity.

You Cleaners need to aware of heat stroke, because it creeps up on you and before you know it you’ll be down for the count !

Here in the the coastal Pacific Northwest / Seattle we’ve been hovering around the high 60’s and very low 70’s… Our summer hasn’t kicked in yet !

OK Yawl work safe, drink plenty of water, wrap a wet scrim or huck towel around your neck and a wet hat to stay cool !


13 deaths in Midwest tied to heat wave - Weather -

We had straight temps of 102F yesterday and the heat index was around 115. I’ve spread out our jobs for the next couple of weeks because the temps are here to stay for a while.

So hot here… above 90 - 95 all week

I would love to claim to be some great ‘Soothsayer’ and planned Pressure Washing and ‘inside work’ for the next 4 days.

But truth be told, it was dumb luck… :smiley:

[INDENT][U]Our forecast[/U]
Mon- 96
Tue- 91
Wed- 96
Thu- 97
Fri- 95
Sat- 93
Sun- 89
Mon- 90
Tue- 91[/INDENT]

Dave,I thought this is summer for us. Anything above 85 is unusual. I’ll tKe these temps I just want a little more sun less moisture.

Sweltering here through the week. I really appreciated my WFP this morning. The less moving, climbing on ladders, and time spent in this heat the better! My clothes still felt like I jumped in a pool with them on.

  • It’s hotter than a hooker on “Dollar Night!”
    * Rimshot! * :smiley:

Ok good. I’m not the only one. I always sweat like crazy!

The heat is definitely here. I’ve had to knock off mid-day a few times lately because it has been dangerously hot at times over the past couple of weeks. I’ve been dipping huck towels in the ice water in my cooler then ring it out and drape it over my neck to lower my body temperature. That and drinking lots of water and/or Gator Aid really helps out in the extreme heat.

I did half a day of monthly commercial stuff today. Came home a little after !:00 p.m. and glad to be out of the heat. Time for a little nap in the cool A.C.

This is normal temps for Michael Mole. Savannah is hot and humid from may till October He should have good advice. I am starting at 5 am and quit at 11. Coolest time of the day

Whew! Had to cut it short today, … the heat is hurting me. Normally I’m pretty good in the heat. I run, ride my bike, do lots of outdoors stuff with not much consequence. But today on my second job I felt like throwing up. My shirt was completely soaked through, beads of sweat rolling off my head. Went inside for a bit but really never got over the sick feeling til later.

It’s tough because I’m working and want to get my stuff done. And it’s not getting done with me standing around. Double edged sword though and think I was close to heat related backlash. At home hydrating and resting now. And it’s only going to get worse this week. Don’t know the temp, maybe about 94 and humid. I think I’ll try the wet bandana around the neck or something tomorrow. At least when I go to have my invoice signed they know I’ve been working!! It’s actually a little embarrassing, I mean I am completely soaked through, … but what am I going to do?? I use 2 shirts but sweat so much it doesn’t take long before the fresh one is wet as the first. Dog days of summer, … still like it better than the cold.

I’m up to 4 t-shirts a day for the last month. Any one match that?

Normal temps here indeed – and though I don’t ever feel “used to it,” I’m sure the body adjusts to some extent.

Obviously, staying hydrated can’t be overstated. Do any and all ladder and roof work first thing in the morning, before the sun has been up for too long. Get heat-sickness on a roof is nasty. We are starting on outsides at 6:30am. Finished outside by noon-ish and then working on interior afterwards (which is opposite of our normal method, but the AC feels so good inside during the afternoon).

It’s also so important to get a full night’s sleep. Working in heat (and humidity, especially) just takes it out of you. You will last longer if you are well rested every day.

I’m a young guy and in good shape, I feel for some of the guys I see doing landscaping and stuff. Those extra 30 or 40 pounds really seem like they would kill, this time of year.

Ive been cookin here in SoCal at 75 Degrees, will this ever end?

These few days are going to be 4 shirt days! Two shirt for the morning and two shirts for the afternoon. I cant stand the feeling of the same wet shirt all day.

I usually don’t work in anything over 95 degrees, but I’ll be working Friday, when its 100, and the heat index is supposed to be somewhere around 110-115!

There are also 4 air quality alerts in effect right now, I guess thats only going to get worse

This is my 4th season working in the summer here in TX, I’m used to it, but still hate it.
If I have small-medium jobs I try to stack them when possible to stay home for as much as we can with the AC blowin’ hard :slight_smile:

Humidity is so bad that we can’t even do window jobs because the condensation is sooo bad on the outside of the windows. You clean them and they fog right back up. 115 degree heat index is killer.

Crazy weather. We in the northwest have cooler than normal temperatures.

Tomorrow will be 123F with the heat index. No go for me.