Make more money this fall with Proposal

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Takes 3 minutes to set up your account then your ready to go. No month long back end set up. Pro-Posal costs just $29.95 a month, $24.95 for WCRA/PWRA members. That’s only $299 for an entire year! 2 gutter jobs this fall at $150 closed with ProPosal pays for your whole year. With all of our new updates, it’s a no brainer.

Anyone here using Pro-Posal?

This is just an Awesome program that takes your bids to another level. We close more jobs and and make more per job. Here’s some jobs we closed this month with Proposal.

We got hired for both jobs because our bids separated us from the competition.

It fast, easy to use, and gives you a huge advantage when giving bids.

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I have been using Proposal for a little over a month now. I have done over 30 bids using proposal and the response from my residential customers has been really great. I really like the idea of being able to have a picture of the home, work to be done and examples of before and after pictures included with the bid. I used to send out my bid in one e-mail and all my pdf with insurance certs and related job info in another. Now I can send everything in 1 nice neat bid for easy review and acceptance.

I just finished sending our 4 bids this morning and it was as easy as could be. If you want to get the job, you need the bid to look and feel as professional as possible to stand out above the competition. If your not using proposal, your not putting out the best looking bid available.

Proposal has been a great service for our company. Organizing and Professionalizing our Estimates. We mainly use it for Residential Estimates. The presentation along with jobsite photos have been deal closers. We are also able to attach documents promoting/explaining our services. We also attach our insurance. I like the direction Dave is taking this program and am happy to be apart of it. Very Easy to use, works great on tablets also.

I thought Pro Posal was a commercial bidding software. Anyway…Responsibid is the best residential software out there.
On two occasions, I tried to communicate with them, and all I get is excuses as to why they haven’t got back to me. Still waiting fort second question to be answered.
Curt Kempton is the real deal. Best customer service out there.
Curt and Mark Strange get it.

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Also a shout out to WCR. You guys definitely get it!

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A lot of companies use ProPosal for Residential Estimates. We also use Responsibid, but they are 2 different applications. Our Deck Restoration division benefits the most. The professional packet as a whole helps upsell all services we offer. When competition is writing estimates on the back of business cards, using proposal we present ourselves as a professional company that is a step above area competition

Proposal is different than responsibid.

Alan - Do you always talk before you think? You say “Responsibid” is the best residential software out there. Customer Factor is residential software.

That would be like comparing “The Customer Factor” to “Responsibid” Steve Wright I’ve spoken to on the phone hundreds of times and in my opinion is the Cat’s Meow when it comes to customer service. But I’ve never spoken with Curt on the phone and if I remember right, I tried reaching out years ago and couldn’t get hold of him //true story//. Does that give me the right to bad mouth Curt or his software? No it doesn’t. People love Curt and his software. That’s enough proof to me responsibid is a good product.

Your post comes off a little strong against Dave and his software (On two occasions - LOL) Maybe you should wait and see what other people are saying about the product before you go into a stupendous rant.

Man you guys have it made with people impressed with these programs

seems people down here aren’t impressed with nuthin’ no matter how shock and awe the package is, amazing . . . eh [MENTION=3164]Brian_C[/MENTION]?

Much more of a commodity out your way. I do think proposal would work effectively especially with property managers

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In reference to our customer service Allen, you asked about a canada update a few months ago and recorded the same response as everyone, that it would be ready in a few months. No excuses. The update had a time line on our priority list and is now complete. You were invited by mark to try out the beta version last week, then declined. You then asked me a question about snow removal late last week, that I have not been able to get to respond to yet. I sorry you have had such a horrible experience with myself as well as our product.

As far as “getting it”, I must have missed the boat.

Thanks to all our users who are happy with the product as well as all of the effort we put into our customer service,
i sincerely appreciate it.

If anyone ever needs to contact me directly my cell is (612)360-6131

There is one common trait among the successful leaders in our industry. They always some how find a way to take care of their customers or potential customers in a timely manner. I have all kinds of time, and money for these people. Picking and choosing who you want to help will only come back to haunt you.

Good luck!!

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What your implying is just downright absurd.

That was the answer I expected. Why not try being part of the solution, and not the problem?

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Ok you need to pump the brakes. I’ve known David online for years and in person for only a couple months (since Nashville). But you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who “finds” the time to talk to customers or potential customers. I’ve asked him questions about proposal and always he has always gotten right back. I’ve also asked him questions about other things pw, gutter cleaning, pricing, scheduling, etc. He doesn’t have to answer me. He could tell me to go to hell, that’s not a proposal question. But since he honestly wants people to succeed he takes time away from his WC biz, PW, biz, Proposal, and family.

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And personal attacking someone is the solution huh?

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It’s not an attack. It’s what I experienced on more than one occasion. Your defending him because he chose to give you a good experience. He blew me off twice. He won’t get a third kick at the can. I work hard, and put a lot of money back into the industry. WCR, Responsibid, and Mark Strange, have always found the time.

Good luck!!

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I use Pro-Posal for both commercial and residential. So far it has more than paid for itself.
And yes Responsibid is a good platform, but to say it is the best, is a little too much praise in my opinion. Besides, it is way too expensive for a small company.
Pro-Posal is at a good price point.

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So. what exactly were the issues you were having, and why do you think that David is ignoring you?

I have had nothing short of a glorious experience with ProPosal. My office manager actually spent 2 hours on the phone with the programmer discussing ways to improve the program when it was still in its infancy. I have never had a question unanswered,

… and besides, isn’t ProPosal only in Beta in Canada?

IT seems that you would be hard pressed to find anyone else with these issues with ProPosal.

You need to provide context or people will not take your gripes seriously.