Mini or Compact Micro Reel

I have a big ladder and a small ladder. The big ladder gets everywhere but I find myself using the small ladder because it is so convenient to push around and store.

This made me wonder about my reel.

Setup is Claber reel for 100 ft of 6mm microbore hose. This hose is 12mm OD. This serves but I want to go smaller.

On residential jobs 50 ft of pole hose - 5mm ID, 8mm OD on a mini reel would be ideal. With hose on the pole I have 160 ft of range.

Has somebody tried this?

I saw Philip Alexander with a Grizzly reel but most water fed pole reels are a sack of potatoes.

Tomorrow I will weigh my Claber reel and make an estimate for the mini reel.

I saw Christopher Dawber with a electrical extension cord reel.

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There are mini reels available.

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I saw that one - and it looks like solid construction for van mounted but it would not be light enough for my trip to a customer’s tap. In europe our houses are smaller so my eye is on setup time. The Claber Reel I’m trying to demote is 8 pounds - I want to make the reel more compact and use pole hose I think I might get under 1/3 the full weight of 100 ft reel and 12 OD microbore hose.

I’d like a turntable under it too but that may be a dream.

Here you go.


200 Feet of hose on that reel, fyi.

Claber reel stands at 16.6 kg or 36.5 pounds. 100ft of Aquaflex is a hardy microbore hose. I want to say 12 to 15 pounds is possible - more research.

Some people may think who cares but if I can shave a few minutes a day it adds up.

Looks similar to the Claber. Is that 5mm ID pole hose?

Found a discontinued mini reel Claber produced - the Aqua Pony.

Reel is 1kg and I’m going to put 30m pole hose 5mm ID 8mm OD on it.

I should have 100 ft reach and be very light.

Dan I like the set up. I have a 3/4 tank on a basic trolley with wheels-- I like your hose setup. Carrying around 50 ft and 75 ft of garden hose (3/8th I think, or 5/8ths) gets time consuming.

Also,-- is that a sediment filter or a carbon filter before your inlet-- and can you tell me what you used to build that-- my buddy says the chlorine kills the resin fast and had one of those 2 stage you find with the blue filter housings like that.

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It’s a carbon block filter. Sediment filters do not remove chlorine, and your buddy is right, chlorine is bad for resin. Need carbon for that. I bought this from amazon:

“Less is More”

About 60ft. includes pole hose
No reel necessary
NO SET UP :sunglasses:


I have since upgraded to a Trunk Skid:

Added a second reel for garden hose, and built the tanks and filter right into a heavy duty skid. I got the skid for free from an industrial business, they had a bunch at the loading dock, and I just asked if I could have one.
Used a vibration tool thingy to do the cutouts. No more lifting, I just pull hose and work. I love it.


Galaxy brain!

People use those for softwashing too - the pump dies in the end but it’s very economical.

You should make a video - looks like an interesting setup.

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I did. Here it is:

And proof it works:


Thanks - I think the idea of using the plastic skid or pallet is inspired. They come in lots of types and any window cleaning vehicle could be fitted with them.

I didn’t know until this topic that chlorine was bad for di resin. I knew it was bad for RO membranes.


Hi Dan
How did you put your tank/filter set to together and what is the TDS indoor area.I am looking to put a system in my van. I have a 1 cu ft tank but that might be too much.

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Not exactly sure what you are asking. Do you want a list of parts??? And the TDS in my area is about 120-130 ppm

Hi Dan
A parts list would be great.I am looking at water fed window cleaning and looking at back packs and a van set up like you have.